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Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans  by Steve McCann 
The 2012 election has often been described as the most pivotal since 1860. This statement is not hyperbole. If Barack Obama is re-elected the United States will never be the same, nor will it be able to re-capture its once lofty status as the most dominant nation in the history of mankind. 
The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama's first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of "transforming America ” in his second term regardless of which political party controls Congress. That is why his re-election team is virtually ignoring the plight of incumbent or prospective Democratic Party office holders. 
The most significant accomplishment of Obama's first term is to make Congress irrelevant. Under the myopic and blindly loyal leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have succeeded in creating an imperial and, in a second term, a potential dictatorial presidency.
During the first two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats overwhelming controlled both Houses of Congress and the media was in an Obama worshipping stupor, a myriad of laws were passed and actions taken which transferred virtually unlimited power to the executive branch
The birth of multi-thousand page laws was not an aberration. This tactic was adopted so the bureaucracy controlled by Obama appointees would have sole discretion in interpreting vaguely written laws and enforcing thousands of pages of regulations they and not Congress would subsequently write.  
For example, in the 2,700 pages of 
ObamaCare there are more than 2,500 references to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. There are more than 700 instances when he or she is instructed that they "shall" do something and more than 200 times when they "may" take at their sole discretion some form of regulatory action. On 139 occasions, the law mentions that the "Secretary determines." In essence one person, appointed by and reporting to the president, will be in charge of the health care of 310 million Americans once ObamaCare is fully operational in 2014. 
same is true in the 2,319 pages of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act which confers nearly unlimited power on various agencies to control by fiat the nation's financial, banking and investment sectors. The bill also creates new agencies, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, not subject to any oversight by Congress. This overall process was repeated numerous times with other legislation all with the intent of granting unfettered power to the executive branch controlled by Barack Obama and his radical associates, his unfettered czars. 
Additionally, the Obama administration has, through its unilaterally determined rule making and regulatory powers, created laws out of whole cloth. The Environmental Protection Agency on a near daily basis issues new regulations clearly out of their purview in order to modify and change environmental laws previously passed and to impose a radical green agenda never approved by Congress. The same is true of the Energy and Interior Departments among many others.  
None of these extra-constitutional actions have been challenged by Congress. The left in America knows this usurpation of power is nearly impossible to reverse unless stopped in its early stages.  
It is clearly the mindset of this administration and its appointees that Congress is merely a nuisance and can be ignored after they were able to take full advantage of the useful idiots in the Democrat controlled House and Senate in 2009-2010 and the Democrat Senate in the current Congress. 
Additionally, Barack Obama knows after his re-election a Republican controlled House and Senate will not be able to enact any legislation to roll back the power previously granted to the Executive Branch or usurped by them. His veto will not be overridden as there will always be at least 145 Democratic members of the House or 34 in the Senate in agreement with or intimidated by an administration more than willing to use Chicago style political tactics.  
The stalemate between the Executive and Legislative Branches will inure to the benefit of Barack Obama and his fellow leftists. 
The most significant power Congress has is the control of the purse-strings
 as all spending must be approved by them. However, once re-elected, Barack Obama, as confirmed by his willingness to do or say anything and his unscrupulous re-election tactics, would not only threatengovernment shutdowns but would deliberately withhold payments to those dependent on government support as a means of intimidating and forcing a Republican controlled Congress to surrender to his demands, thus neutering their ability to control the administration through spending constraints.  
Further, this administration has shown contempt for the courts by ignoring various court orders,e.g. the Gulf of Mexico oil drilling moratorium, as well as stonewalling subpoenas and requests issued by Congress. The Eric Holder Justice Department has become the epitome of corruption as part of the most dishonest and deceitful administration in American history. In a second term the arrogance of Barack Obama and his minions will become more blatant as he will not have to be concerned with re-election.  
Who will be there to enforce the rule of law, a Supreme Court ruling or the Constitution? Nobody; Barack Obama and his fellow-travelers will be unchallenged as they run roughshod over the American people.
Many Republicans and conservatives dissatisfied with the prospect of Mitt Romney as the nominee for president are instead focused on re-taking the House and Senate. That goal, while worthy and necessary, is meaningless unless Barack Obama is defeated. The nation is not dealing with a person of character and integrity but someone of single-minded purpose and overwhelming narcissism. Judging by his actions, words and deeds during his first term, he does not intend to work with Congresseither Republican or Democrat in his second term but rather to force his radical agenda on the American people through the power he has usurped or been granted. 
The governmental structure of the United States was set up by the founders in the hope that over the years only those people of high moral character and integrity would assume the reins of power. However, knowing that was not always possible, they dispersed power over three distinct and independent branches as a check on each other. 
What they could not imagine is the surrender and abdication of its constitutional duty by the preeminent governmental branch, the Congress, to a chief executive devoid of any character or integrity coupled with a judiciary essentially powerless to enforce the law when the chief executive ignores them 

Conservatives, Libertarians, the Republican Party and Mitt Romney must come to grips with this moment in time and their historical role in denying Barack Obama and his minions their ultimate goal. All resources must be directed at that end-game and not merely controlling Congress and the various committee chairmanships.  

Please forward this to all you can, maybe together we can save America for ourselves and those who will follow after us.

May God bless America . 


Anonymous said...

Ahahahahaa, Democrats passed "a myriad of laws"? What bizarro universe is he writing from?

Anonymous said...

would not only threatengovernment shutdowns but would deliberately withhold payments to those dependent on government support as a means of intimidating and forcing a Republican controlled Congress to surrender to his demands,

And once again we see that IT'S ALWAYS PROJECTION.

It was the GOP who were eager to shut down the government and willing to fuck over anyone in order to accomplish this.

Their hyperbole seems to get thicker and more bizarre by the day. I can only imagine what kinds of lies they'll be telling by early Novemeber. If Obama is reelected, your children will be sold into slavery? If Obama gets a second term, he's going to grind your grandparents up into Soylent Green to feed the North Koreans?

CharlieE said...

During the first two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats overwhelming controlled both Houses of Congress...

Overwhelming? It takes 60 votes to break a filibuster. The Democrats haven't had 60 members in the Senate since 1979.

For the first two years of Obama's term, the Democrats had 57 members, along with independents Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman.

That makes 59, assuming that Joe went along, which he never does.

For a mere seven weeks from July to August of 2009, the Democrats had 58 members, after Al Franken was sworn in and before Ted Kennedy died.

Fifty nine still doesn't block filibusters.

But somehow, the Republicans have made the fiction that the Dems could pass anything they liked during that period a talking point.

And people believe it, of course.

ferschitz said...

Steve McCann is associated with a rightwing ThinkTank called "American Thinker." There's a ton of these wingnut welfare "think" tanks which exist solely to pump out lying crap like this to credulous rightwingers.

BTW, Ann Coulter is a "contributer" to the American "Thinker" think tank. That's all I need to know.

Prior commenters summed the factual reality nicely. These "think" tanks don't truck in reality, nor does Fake Noise or Rush Limbaugh. It's called propoganda. Unfortunately, US citizens - unlike their counterparts in the former Sovier Union - don't "get it" that they're being fed a steady diet of lying propoganda. Too bad.

Easily mis-led by nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...ferschitz is inflicting upon us his shitty spelling yet AGAIN? "contributer"....or.... CONTRIBUTOR? "propoganda"....or....PROPAGANDA?

How in the world can we take your drivel seriously when you can't even spell English? Huh? The stupid...it hurts! :-(

Anonymous said...

Can we get a better troll please?

Anonymous said...

All left wing comments are from trolls who infiltrated this blog.

Anonymous said...

How can folks mature into adults in this country and spell at the 4th grade level? Not a great reflection on the education system in our country...'tis a travesty....ah ferschitz?

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare was a horrible speller.

Thankfully there are things far more important than piddling spelling errors. The fact that they are all you ever seem to focus on says a lot about your level of argument.

Anonymous said...

But ferschitz takes the cake when it comes to cacography....

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare wrote in an era before English spelling had been standardized. In fact, Shakespeare died 40 years before the first publication of the first comprehensive English dictionary (Thomas Blount's Glossographia in 1656).

Seriously though, spelling matters!!!!!

gruaud said...

Spelling. Jesus.

How about what's in the text of this forward?

McCann writes that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a part of an ongoing agenda to transfer power from Congress to the Executive Branch, citing that there is no congressional oversight. Except, of course, there IS congressional oversight.

And an agency policing Wall Street, the guys who crashed the economy in the first place, is probably a pretty good thing. Or are we ok with just trusting these guys to not let their avarice get the better of their good intentions?

Do Republican legislators hate the CFPB? OF COURSE they do. They don't want there be any laws in place to regulate business sectors, especially financial. Why?

Try commenting on that.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, spelling matters!!!!!

It matters about .00001% as much as the actual point of someone's arguments.

You're a pathetic, whiny, childish little troll. All the spelling and grammar in the world won't change that, or make your contributions to the discussion meaningful in any way.

ferschitz said...

Hey: speling trols. Who gives a shit? They have NO arguments, other than to pick fault with me spelink. Go for it, trols.

Clerelee, its all yew gott.

Never ever refute won think I sae, dulee notedd. So why are u sew "upsit" bye me spelink?

blaney said...


So far, nearly all the conservatives who post here engage in classic forms of mis-direction or changing the topic of conversation to something else.

To a person, almost none of them actually address the topic of the RWF and/or actually engage in any kind of discussion or debate (much less a cordial or respectful conversation) with the comments made by those who post here.

Rather they either "yell" nasty judgemental diatribes at blog posts they don't like, usually being judgemental and rude and essentially telling bloggers here to go to hell (exhibiting, I guess, their so-called "Christian" values or morals). Or they dump on bloggers for their spelling mistakes, using this as an "excuse" for not taking the blog post "seriously." Like: who cares?

None of these people ever provide any real feedback or input to the discussion or the topic of the RWF, itself. Classic conservative cop-outs and/or mis-direction and/or Tea Party tirading rude tantrums, which essentially can be boiled down to: I HATE YOU because you're not in 100% agreement with ME, ME, ME!!!!!

Hence proving the paucity of values and "thought" that goes on in conservative circles and "churches."

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