Fwd: Fw: Check your Cell phone bill at the bottom

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Check your Cell phone bill at the bottom

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Date: Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Fw: Check your Cell phone bill at the bottom

Subject: Check your Cell phone bill at the bottom


This is another look at our out of control Government in action! 

Check your Cell phone bill at the bottom...........


Anonymous said...

So private, pre-paid cell phone companies are abusing the program in order to make more money for themselves. Sounds like that same kind of entrepreneurial spirit with is alive and well on Wall Street or within the offices of places like Bain.

Anonymous said...

Typical Republican response: A government program to help the poorest Americans is being abused? Don't stop the abuse or try to punish the companies doing it, just shut down the whole program.

Even that isn't as disgusting as the (top-rated) comments on that YouTube video, though.

gruaud said...

"This will surely make your blood boil!"

You would think that outrage fatigue would set in eventually, but, nope, the conservative's capacity for umbrage and high dudgeon is limitless.

ferschitz said...


Well what a surprise that Fake Noise is providing a highly inaccurate "nooz" story... NOT.

Yes, there has been fraud in this program, but the FCC has worked to reign it in. Is it good or right that some people took advantage of this program? No, of course not, but then again, the US govt did step up to fix the issue.

Where oh where is conservative outrage & boiling blood about the unfettered and far more costly rip off of the middle & working classes by the 1%??? Where oh where is conservative anger over the banksters & Wall St continuing to get giant pay raises and bonuses, while the rest of see our pay cut or lose our jobs entirely.

NOTE well how the 1% mis-directs stupid citizen "outrage" at blackity black black people getting a few feebie cell phones.

WHO really made out like bandits?? Some dusky hued citizens getting free phones? Or Wall St/Banks?

Oh, wait, does this mean some conservatard has to, you know, think on their own without Rusbo telling them what to think??? Guess that's not gonna happen...

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