Fw: Bibles at Walter Reed Hospital

Obama must really want to be a one term president. The soldiers who wake up in Walter Reed Medical Center are in Maryland --not communist China . But under the Navy's new rules, they may not know the difference! After months of peeling away the military's core values, Obama's army is on the move. And this time, it has a high-value target: the Bible. In a memo obtained by FRC, Navy officials have announced that "no religious items (including Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit." The new orders are buried in a four-page document about patient care, which an Army officer forwarded to us in disbelief. Effective immediately, families, friends, and even pastors will have to check their beliefs at the door to visit one of the largest military hospitals in the United States . Last night, after we circulated the memo to leaders on the Hill, an outraged Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to the House floor and blasted the policy. "Mr. Speaker, these military men and women who are recovering at Walter Reed andBethesda have given their all for America ... They've defended and taken an oath to the Constitution, and here they are. The people that come to visit them can't bring a religious artifact? They can't bring a Bible? ...A priest can't walk in with the Eucharist and offer communion to a patient who might be on their deathbed because it's prohibited in this memo from the Department of the Navy?"

This is Obama's military, where homosexuality is celebrated and Christianity is censored; where witches are financed and crosses are scorned; where bestiality is embraced and Bibles are banned; where same-sex "weddings" are encouraged but international charity is not. After three years of ideological warfare, the administration's intent is clear: to disarm the military of its biggest weapon. Faith. Regardless of President Obama's agenda, there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that empowers the government to stop family members from giving Bibles or crosses to their loved ones. And from a PR standpoint, I'm not sure the best way to boost approval ratings is by denying comfort to wounded warriors. Unfortunately for our troops, who have endured so much turmoil under the Obama administration, this is another blow. Hopefully, with the help of Congressman King and others, it's only a temporary one. 


Anonymous said...

It should surprise no one that this is, of course, false.

Gotta love the different reaction to Walter Reed depending on who the President is. Obama gets falsely accused of banning the bible, something that isn't true, and so wingnuts freak out. Bush starts a horrible war and fills WR with maimed soldiers who are forced to live in awful conditions, and he's a "patriot". Typical.

Anonymous said...

When bin Laden is killed: That's one military team! Obama's just a glory hog!

When a military hospital briefly institutes a strange policy: This is Obama's military! He knows all, sees all, controls all!

Anonymous said...

If faith is our military's "biggest weapon" we have more serious issues than bibles in VA hospitals.

Charlie Essmeier said...

When bin Laden is killed: That's one military team! Obama's just a glory hog!

And if Obama isn't supposed to get credit for killing Osama bin Laden, then why is Osama credited with killing people on 9/11?

Neither one actually killed anybody.

ferschitz said...

To Charlie Essmeier: stop making sense! /s

Yeah, riddle me that one. Osama bin Laden is credited in the fevered wingnut "mind" with killing US citizens, yet bin Laden, himself, did no such thing. bin Laden was the "leader" is allegedly is responsible for 9/11.

But when the Commander in Chief oversees the raid that takes out Osama bin Laden, somehow the President is to be given no credit whatsoever. The only credit is to go to the Navy Seal Team who did it.

Of course, if it had been GW Bush who was Pres when this happened, we have heard no end to wingnut crowing about how W "killed" bin Laden.

Sour grapes are what they are: sour grapes.

PS there's no way that anyone named Bush would've overseen the killing or even capture of Osama bin Laden. The Bush Crime Syndicate is in bed with the bin Laden clan. W could've probably captured bin Laden, but it was W who called off the Navy Seals when they were about to get bin Laden in the Tora Bora Hills of Afghanistan.

1. If the Seals had captured bin Laden in October 2001, then there would've been no cause to begin costly unending WAR, Inc in Afghanistan & Iraq, which would've made Dick Cheney have a sad (from not being able to rip of the 99% for his own enrichment),


2. See above: Bush wouldn't let bin Laden be caught or killed on his "watch" bc of his family's ties with the bin Ladens (who were the ONLY people who got to fly out of the USA on Sept 11 2011). Can you say: Carlisle Group??

Anonymous said...

Hey ferschitz..Seriously, dude! Do you have a serious mental illness like your folk hero, Michael "fat ass" Moore? Come on amigo, if you are going to make the association of the Bush family with the Carlyle Group (not spelled Carlisle like your dumb nutty ass has spelled it)...damn, at least spell it right! You never fail to amaze me with your lack of spelling aptitude....woooo-hoooo ;-)

You is a stupidz dumbazz...the stupidz, it hurtz!!!!!!!!! :-(

ferschitz said...

Hey Anon: do you have anything of value to add to the conversation?? Anything?

Other than showing that you actually, you know, went forth and looked up the Carlyle Group?

Good for you. Why don't you read up a little more on that and get back to us with, you know, something *meaningful* to add to the conversation. I don't care if you disagree with me.

Calling Michael Moore fat?? Wow. How very intellectual of you.

Waiting until I made a spelink erer one agin to shew up and yell names at meeeee: boy! You really ARE a bully, aren't you?

Don't have much else to trade on, do you?

I am *flattered* however that you find me so *important* in your life that you keep showing up to read my posts. Maybe one of these days you'll learn something new. Could happen, even to you.

LiberalGunner said...

Hey ferschitz I hear wedding bells

ferschitz said...

Hey LiberalGunner: I was just thinking that the Anon-troll is like that obnoxious bully in grade school who kicks your desk all the time and/or accidentally-on-purpose runs into you in the hallway... because they LIKE you (and don't have appropriate social skills to express their feelings in a more rational fashion).

At least the troll went off to figure out what the Carlyle Group was all about, which is a good thing.

But hey, you know: Michael Moore is fat! zmong!

Jim said...

I'm in the military and have been for 20 years. Obama is the worst thing that EVER happened to us

Jim said...

Also, if Bush could have captured Bin Laden he would have. You underestimate the ego of politicians. He would have had a landslide reelection instead of a close one when he ran against the inventor of the Internet.

gruaud said...

And your being in the military lends you credibility...how? What do you know about politics except what you're told?

Shit, I was in a car accident that nearly killed me. So obviously I have more credibility than you. I was in harm's way.

Hey Jim, if you think Dumbya is a great president despite all the evidence to the contrary, you are not all that bright, and I am being kind.

Your posts are always welcome here. ALWAYS.

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