FW: ITALIAN MUSLIMS - just love it!!!!

Subject: FW: ITALIAN MUSLIMS - just love it!!!!

Subject: Fwd: FW: ITALIAN MUSLIMS - just love it!!!!

         :Because there are no mosques in Venice ,

...the Government has allowed..
...the Italian Muslims to pray in the streets.

      So far 543 have drowned.



ferschitz said...

I guess Joe (not) Common Sense would tell me that I'm "retarded" because I see this as bigoted, not to mention stupid & not even slightly amusing.

I wonder what Sarah Palin would think about Joe (not) Common Sense using the term "retarded" as a put-down??

We've seen this one before. It wasn't funny then, and it's still not funny.

Duly noted how rightwing think tanks gin up conservatives to, at the very least, look down on & mock others who don't look & have the same religious faith as them.


Anonymous said...

Hey ferschitz - Why don't you first learn how to spell the word if you're going to use it...Fascists, not "Facists". LOL

Anonymous said...

Watch out Ferschitz, its the Spelling Nazis!

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Anon. You're correct: I made a mistake and mis-spelled FASCIST.

Doesn't take away from what I was saying in the first place, which is too bad.

Thanks for pointing out my error. I am, at least, willing to see my error and make a correction.

Nina Firstavina said...

My religion taught me, every where in this universe is the mosque, except cemeteries and bathrooms. So, it's still allowed to pray on the streets or on water-if possible- as long as our shalat (pray) ritual does not disturbing other people's activities.

One thing you might not understand, we Muslims never endorse violence as you heard or see from the nowadays news. We make friends and get along very well with non Muslims, at least in my country, Indonesia. We *do* live in peace, no matter what, even with those bad people's attempts to ruin the balance of peace in my homeland.

We accepted differences among people, because for us, religion is something personal, between individual and God. The rest is "do good in order to pursue God's blessings".

And I, personally, smiled to see the pic above. It doesn't bother nor annoyed me that you make fun of Muslim by this pic. I was only thinking, simply it's because you don't understand Islam as well as we do, and that's alright. I pray that one day you'll see the beauty of Muslim praying (shalat) in the future, so that you'd appreciate it more. ;)

May you have a good day.

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