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Keystone Pipeline Clogged by Massive Turd!


Anonymous said...

Very respectful of the presidency.

ferschitz said...

It's one of the few things that Obummer's done that I've appreciated. And that said, it's just election year posturing. I'm sure that, as soon as the election is over, if Barry Zero "wins," then this will pipeline will go through.

Where is MY own personal Conservative Spelin perlice to come here and NOT nitpick my spelling for once... and tell us just WHY this pipeline should be built???

I'd LOVE to get the Spelling Police's actual for real reasons for that???

But: you can COUNT ON IT... the conservatroll'll just nitpick on my spelling. Thus proving his/her utter LACK of any coherent reason for WHY this pipeline should be built, other than that Rush Limbaugh bellowed that it should be.

So there! nyah nyah

Anonymous said...

Politics is like two little boys on the playground fighting over a lil' girl that doesn't even exist. Just food for thought!

Anonymous said...

Just food for thought!

I suppose that's food for thought, in the same way that Cheez-Whiz is food for the body. It isn't nutritious, tasty or healthy, yet preferred by some because its simple and comforting in the short term. Ultimately destructive in the long term.

The rest of us will keep on the hard work of trying to run some semblance of a civilization around here.

Hooray4US said...

Just food for thought!

Employed by David Koch?

False equivalency & bull shit.

Come back when you have something of substance to add to the conversation, rather than *repeating* crap.

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