FW: Da Bro

Subject: FW: Da Bro

Subject: Da Bro


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. This person is clearly up to no good (look at his hat! He's practically wearing a hoodie! Just like a thug!).

So why should we care about his political opinion?

ferschitz said...

Oh I see. Some random blackity black black black person holding a sign that vaguely says Obama's bad.

Got it.

What about other blacker than black citizens who hold signs in support of Obama? Or white Obama supporters for that matter?

This proooooves... ?? not much. and no, it does NOT prove that conservatives aren't racists or post-bigoted or whatever.

ho hum

Anonymous said...

ferschitz - Thought you would thoroughly enjoy this video:


Anonymous said...


ferschitz said...

I don't navigate to a site based on an Anonymous recommendation that provides no clue as to what's there.

No buying whatever mangoes (probably) you're selling.

gruaud said...

The video is Roy Zimmerman, FS.

Check it out, he's pretty funny.

Here's another: To Be a Liberal


Mysophobe said...

Politics is like kissing your sister, or some such simplistic drivel. Food for thought everyone! Think about it. Man, I'm clever.

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