Fw: Play The Border Patrol Game

Subject: Border Patrol Game  
Click on the link, get ready and be fast    


Anonymous said...

Oh look, a game where you shoot at horrible Mexican stereotypes. But the right isn't racist, of course.

If you look really closely, though, you can see that it's all still the Jews' fault...the American flag has a single Star of David insted of the 50 state stars, right above the "welfare office" sign.

Can I compare the right to Nazi's now? Is it justified yet?

Bebe 99 said...

This is a crude game of shooting characters that are meant to be Mexican border crossers however, all of the characters resemble President Obama.

ferschitz said...

The maturity level of a 2d grader with apologies to 2d graders who are more thoughtful, gracious and kind-hearted than this.

Oh yeah, what did someone say to me recently? If I say the people who find this a complete total moronic laff-riot are racists, that means that *I* have low self-esteem... got it? That's what Fatso Limpballs is telling these dolts: if righties are called out for their blatant racism, it means the person calling them out has "low self-esteem."

Got it? Neat-o.

Anonymous said...

Ah!, Ah!, Ah!, Ah!

Down with mexican invaders!

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