Fw: Does Boehner have the stones to make his bones?

Subject: Does Boehner have the stones to make his bones?

If you received this, consider yourself one who I consider the politically
elite, those who are smart enough to know what is what politically.  This is
brilliant.  Suppose they have the cojones to do it? Let's trust they will
stay the course.

By Dr. Jack Wheeler
Editor: The Point News Service

Why Obama will repeal Obamacare in 60 days.
As the Loughner Lefties at the New York Times realized, they jumped the shark
in blaming the Arizona Massacre on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Right, they
smoothly shifted their strategy yesterday again on 1/12.

In a transparent ploy to monkey wrench the 112th Congress' program to
dismantle ObamaCare and other Dem disasters, the NYT is now claiming that
Boehner & Co must "play a less partisan role," and not "allow the House to
slide back into confrontational politics." Translation: Republicans need to
surrender to the Democrats.

And Boehner's response? As Eliza Doolittle said to Professor Henry Higgins,
"Not bloody likely!" Pres. Zero and the Dems (and the Enemedia) are going to get
the shock of their lives when they learn what Boehner has planned for them.

Get ready for this, folks, for it's going to knock the polka dots off your
undies. This is going to make Boehner's bones.

Remember how Reagan made his? On August 3, 1981, 13,000 air traffic
controllers went on strike, shutting down 7,000 flights at the peak of the
summer travel season. They demanded $10,000 a year salary increases and an
extortionate array of increased benefits.

Reagan branded the strike illegal and gave them 48 hours to return to work
or else he would fire them all. They controllers laughed at him for what
they thought was a foolish bluff. Except for 2,000 who did return to work,
joining 3,000 FAA supervisors and 900 military controllers. 80% of flights
went back to normal.

48 hours later on August 5, Reagan fired all 11,000 striking controllers -
and imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring them. Then he had the Federal Labor
Relations Authority disband PATCO - the Professional Air Traffic Controllers
Organization. Not only were the strikers permanently fired, their union
ceased to exist.

That's how to make your bones in Washington. No one ever messed with Reagan

So how is John Boehner going to do it? Hold on to those undies now... He
plans to get Pres. Zero to sign, not veto, a bill to repeal ObamaCare.

Yes, repeal, repeal the whole damn thing, Pres. Zero's pride and joy. Here's the

First, the fallback remains: defund it, refuse to appropriate any money to
implement any of it. But to go for the jugular means repeal. Of course, any
stand-alone repeal bill such as HR 2 passed by the House will be blocked in
the Senate, or if passed faces a certain presidential veto that cannot
possibly be overridden.
HR 2, the "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act," takes 36 words to
eliminate 2,000 pages of ObamaCare legislation: "Effective as of the
enactment of Public Law 111-148, such Act is repealed, and the provisions of
law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act
had not been enacted."

It will be voted on and passed by the House next week. It is only a warning
shot. For its destiny is not to be a stand-alone bill, but an amendment to
two other bills.

These two bills form the sides of a vise in which Dem cojones are
inextricably trapped. They are: the CR (Continuing Resolution) to fund the
government past March 4 when the current CR ends; and the bill to raise the
debt ceiling (call it the DR, the debt raise).

These bills are "must pass" bills - for if they don't pass, the government
shuts down, no checks go out to pay for anybody or anything, and government
debt gets defaulted on.

Thus the repeal strategy: HR 2 will be appended to the next CR and the DR by
the House. That's step one. Step two is for McConnell and DeMint to block
any passage of either in the Senate unless HR 2 is appended.

And to keep those Dem cojones in an ever-tightening vise, both the CR and DR
will be very short term - say 60 days for the former and $100 billion
instead of a trillion for the latter, maybe less. This forces the Dems to
fight the battle for more spending over and over again.

Step three is where it gets really interesting. The "ghost of 1995" haunting
the Pubs is Gingrich forcing just such a government shutdown back then,
which Clinton won and the Gingrich Pubs disastrously lost.

To avoid this happening again, companion legislation will be introduced in
the House specifying those "essential services" of the federal government
that would continue to be paid for at current levels should a CR or DR not
be passed.

Call it the Essential Services or ES Bill. It will include the standard
popular goodies people demand and the Dems scaremonger with: Social
Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other payments to individuals (but not to
government employees - they get nada).

There is an argument over how long or short the ES list of government
functions should be. Yet there is little need for it to be overly-long if it
is amendable at any time by a simple concurrent resolution.

That way, when the Dems find some cute starving children who will die
because of the heartlessly inhuman Republicans' refusal to spend taxpayers'
money to save them, the Pubs have the option to add the relevant program to
the ES list if the public clamor (not the Dem's) is loud enough.

And of course, the ES list would have no "non-essential" services or
programs like the EPA, or funding for any agency to write and implement any
new regulations whatever.
With the ES Bill, the vise really starts to squeeze. How will Harry Reid
explain he opposes the ES Bill and would rather have a full government
shutdown instead; that he would rather keep ObamaCare on life support rather
than have seniors get their Social Security checks or Medicare payments? How
will Pres. Zero?

In other words, the ES Bill puts the onus, fault, blame, and responsibility
for a government shutdown on the Dems - not on Boehner & Co. Both Boehner
and McConnell believe that there are enough Senate Dems wanting to keep
their seats in 2012 to vote for the ES Bill, and the HR 2-appended CR & DR

Which means they will be on Pres. Zero's desk for his signature or veto. If he
doesn't sign them, all government services stop, pretty much immediately,
and the government starts defaulting on Treasury interest payments. If he
only signs the ES Bill, the same thing happens save for continued funding
only for "essential services."

Boehner is betting Pres. Zero will buckle and sign the HR 2-appended CR & DR
bills. With that, ObamaCare ceases to exist as if it never happened.

If he vetoes them and just signs the ES bill, Boehner still wins. Government
has been truncated to "essential services" at a stroke, and now the whole
debate is what government programs are "essential" or not, with the Dems on
the defensive in the debate. This is orders of magnitude better than
defunding one program at a time.

And if he vetoes all three, shutting the government down just to save
ObamaCare, he gets the full and total blame for the shutdown -- a shutdown
that would leave vast swathes of government programs and agencies in ruins.

Once that happens, millions of Americans would discover two amazing things:
that they can get along just fine without all these Federal programs and
agencies - and with the government out of the way, they have innumerable
opportunities to get a job or start a business they didn't have with the
government in the way.

Oh, yes - a shutdown of course disintegrates the implementation of any part
of ObamaCare, so it's useless to resist, Mr. President, it's best to cut
your losses and sign, not veto.

If Boehner pulls this off, it doesn't just make his bones - he will be the
King of Washington DC. Pres. Zero will be castrated. President Eunuch. His only
possible hope for 2012 will be to work with the House and Senate Republicans
in creating an environment for solid economic recovery that he can take
credit for.

So... the trillion dollar question is: does Boehner have the stones to make
his bones?

Until this repeal strategy emerged, all the talk was about trading raising
the debt ceiling for a bunch of budget cuts. That's peanuts compared to
zeroing out ObamaCare, which will save hundreds of billions by that alone.
Further, individual budget cuts, Boehner is advised, will be far more of a
political liability. Remember how Tim Coburn got wasted (even by Fox News!)
for opposing the $4 billion entitlement given to the 9/11 "first responders"
by the Lame Schmucks? That's just a hint, Boehner is being warned, of what's
to come with attempts to cut the budget a bite at a time.

Far better, and far more likely of success, to go for the gold, run for the
roses, make your bones doing what you were elected to do: Repeal, not just
defund, ObamaCare. Repeal it in less than sixty days from now - by

The final decision hasn't been made, but Boehner, Cantor and the House
leadership are edging up to it. They need all the encouragement and backup
they can get. Let's give it to them. Let's make our bones too.


Anonymous said...

I for one hope they actually try it; let them have their decisive all-out battle. Waterloo. Alamo. Midway. Let's get it over with. "Obamacare" is not what's eating them and they know it. If it wasn't this it would be something else. Let them embark on this and show themselves for the loud nutjob minority they are, and let inertia actually work in our favor for a change. Boner will cry so much in the effort he'll dehydrate into an orange mass of pulp.

Anonymous said...

Whatever this guy is smoking, I really want a pound of it.

No wait, a pound of that stuff might be waaaaayyy too strong. Maybe start with an ounce. Whatever substance inspired this lovely bit of insanity is something I just have to try.

Assuming this guy isn't tripping balls (which I find hard to believe), I say go for it. Go ahead and shut down the government, you pathetic wingnut losers. It didn't work for you then, and it won't work now.

I also love how they are gonna shut down the government... except not any of the things which people actually like. So that toady Boehner is going to "make his bones" by sorta kinda doing something in a half assed way. Sounds like a real tough guy.

Once that happens, millions of Americans would discover two amazing things: that they can get along just fine without all these Federal programs and agencies - and with the government out of the way, they have innumerable opportunities to get a job or start a business they didn't have with the government in the way.

No seriously, what drug is this? Is it that salvia I am hearing so much about? Because anyone who believes this crap must be high as bloody kite.

katz said...

Notice how they slip in Reagan eliminating 11,000 jobs as a good thing.

Anonymous said...

HR 2, the "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act," takes 36 words to
eliminate 2,000 pages of ObamaCare legislation

The new Republican strategy: pour on the gasoline and light a match.

gruaud said...

Wheeler again:

'Because Loughner is the face of the Left, we must kill liberals.'


Sure, that's not clinically insane at all.

ferschitz said...

gruaud: GAH! well that just proves how *barking insane* these hacks and propogandists are. They have no shame, that's obvious.

Wow... that one took my breath away.

But to answer the originating question of this clearly insane post: "Does Boehner have the stones to make his bones?"

Wheeler really jumped the shark with that one, too. If anyone can demonstrate to me that Boehner has now, or ever had, *any* stones at all, then I'll eat my hat.

Talk about the ultimate country club, whiskey swilling, entitled Country club Republican. Boehner's about as dumb a post and just managed to get hooked into the rightwing network in Ohio.

Boehner's photo is next to the dictionary defenition of "lazy welfare king." Don't forget that crybaby Agent Orange will collect a big fat old pension and the best healthcare benefits that money can buy for the rest of his bloated life... all courtesy of YOU and ME, the US taxpayer.

Want to guarantee that Boehner is *in no way* gonna stop the collection of taxes??? Heh.. if Boehner did that, how'd he make a living??? Guy is useless otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Because the senate will go along with this idea. Um, ok....

Anonymous said...

I find the idea a mere person can "make bones" blasphemous and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking it. only a christian god can do that, you sound like a evolutionist to me

CharlieE said...

Yes, it's better that the entire U.S. government collapse than for us to live even one minute under the tyranny of guaranteed health care.

Sadly, Boehner probably believes that.

Snarla said...

Ah, Jack Wheeler, the self-proclaimed "right-wing Indiana Jones." I hadn't heard anything from him for years. Didn't miss him, either.

Hooray4US said...

Jack Wheeler makes Michelle Bachmann look/sound like a reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful, sane person. Just saying...

Bebe 99 said...

This has got a lot of testosterone running through it! HUA. So Obama is a zero, eunuch. Boehner is all bones and stones. But its not much better than a Sarah Palin word salad of hopes and dreams. Amazing how little rational thought could go into something that uses up this many words.

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