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"Not only was the menu 'English only,' but you didn't have to sit next to black people at the counter either. Ah, the good old days..."-T
Heh. A good point Tressy, thanks for the forward. It reminds me of another 'back in the day hit.
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If any of you have doubt about what we kids paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworths ( How many don't know what Woolworth's was?) in the 1950's, here's proof of the era we lived in........

Can you believe it was in ENGLISH ONLY!!!!!!


SJT said...

Lame. Just Lame.

Oh my goodness, a restaurant menu in english only? My God, how far we've come, to get to a point where 99% of restaurant menus are... in english only.

Even the Mexican restaurants I go to, which are owned, operated and patronized by spanish speakers, feature exclusively english menus.

likeavalleygirl said...

This doesn't even make sense? Sometimes I wonder what country right wing dads live in.

BrianX said...

There should be a rule -- it's one thing to send around stupid forwards, but when you start sending around messages that make erroneous or nonexistent points, you need to rein it in.

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