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"Doesn't this grouchy old lady have a name like 'Martha' or something? She appears in some newspapers, but I don't think she has such a fresh right-wing mouth in broadsheet.  -dave"

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Margaret said...

Her name is Maxine and from what I recall, she's a grouchy old lady (responsible for such sayings as "Everyone is entitled to my opinion"), but she ain't no right-winger. What's with these peeps co-opting famous icons, man?

BrianX said...

She's actually a character used by Hallmark's Shoebox division. My local vector of tedious forwards sends a lot of doctored Maxines around, but the real Maxine character isn't a wingnut, just a cranky misanthrope.

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by the same people who invented the "Calvin pissing on [blank]" stickers.

At the rate we're going, it's amazing anyone ever remembers who Calvin is.

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