Fwd: New fashion statement for mugshots

"Millions of people voted for Obama.  THESE people committed crimes while supporting him.  Thus, everyone who supports Obama is a criminal.  It's logic like this which just keeps my right wing dad plugging along." -Micah

 (click on the mug shots to enlarge)
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Chicago police dept has no mugshots with Bush on their t-shirts.
Anyone out there have any mugshots of people wearing any Bush or McCain shirts? 
Didn't think so!! 
This was sent to me by a Chicago Police Officer, by the way............



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that they're so openly admitting that they arrest people for wearing Obama shirts or for being black. You'd think they'd want to be more circumspect and have some plausible deniability.

SJT said...

I know I'll never forget the mugshot of the young Obama supporter who was so dedicated to the cause that she carved a "B" into her cheek.

Wait... that was a McCain supporter who mutilated herself and lied to police in an attempt to defame the Democrats.

What does it say about President
Bush that even criminals refuse to where his T-shirts? Of course, most Bush supporting criminals would be more at home in a $2000 suit.

Maria said...

Nice post

big suit said...

They look like a criminal it deserve to arrest them..

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