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Sent: Saturday, March 02, 2013 5:31 PM
Subject: Hope for a new Pope

Pope Boracchi?


Sources close to the White House have learned that Barack Obama is planning to run for the office of Pope when the College of Cardinals convenes to elect a successor to ailing Benedict XVI at the end of this month.
Calling on the promise of Equality for All, Obama is said to firmly believe that the... time has come for a non-Catholic to occupy the Vatican 's highest office.
Foreseeing a looming citizenship issue he states that he has discovered an Italian birth certificate that proves he was born in Rome before he was born in Kenya. "That Hawaiian birth certificate never has been worth what I paid for it anyway", he noted.
Continuing, he concluded, "And there's no way that a handful of cardinals could be more expensive to buy than 10 million voters in Michigan ."


Anonymous said...

So sad that they can't get over how their guy Romney lost. Just because he was a terrible candidate in every way and Obama's campaign team wiped the floor with Romney's doesn't mean Obama won fairly, right? The only way he could of won is by "bribing" a bunch of voters in a state so blue it hadn't gone for a Republican in over a generation, right?

Marc with a C said...

They didn't even remember to mention the fact that he's a Muslim.

Sometimes the stupidity is so dense its a miracle it hasn't collapsed into a quantum singularity.

gruaud said...

Birthers must be the saddest people.

Anonymous said...

As if this forward weren't dumb enough, it includes the notion that you need to be Italian-born to be pope. You don't. The current pope, for instance, was born in Argentina.

ferschitz said...

The previous Pope, the Nazi Razi, was born & raised in Germany, and I believe the Pope prior to Raztinger was from Poland. So Italian citizenship has little to do with being the Pope.

I believe the College of Cardinals were alleged to be considering electing a Pope from Africa, so if these braindead racists wanted to push some boring idiocy about Obama "running" for Pope, they could've just stuck with their favorite diatribe about how Obama's a secret Kenyan.

This makes no sense, of course, so I suppose that's why it's a RWF.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Catholic bashers.. Showing your immature stupidity.

The Catholic Church..birthed by Jesus Christ Himself.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Catholic bashers

Funny, there is only one mildly anti-catholic remark in all of the other comments. Methinks someone is a bit too damn sensitive. Didn't Jesus say something about not throwing whiny tantrums?

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