Fw: Fwd: Tsarnaev Family

Subject: Fw: Fwd: Tsarnaev Family
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Tsarnaev Family

 Tsarnaev Family 

So now we find out that the entire Tsarnaev family (Dad, Mom, 2 sons & 2 daughters)  
 started receiving government assistance as soon as they set foot in our country.
As political refugees they were entitled to settlement assistance from day one.  
 (Section 8 Housing, public healthcare, food stamps etc.)
Then their stellar older son impregnates and marries the daughter of a doctor, 
  and this new little Muslim family receives 18 months of government assistance.
They only came off welfare after the naive young “wife” starts working 70 hours a week  
 while husband Tamerlan stays home and builds bombs and plans to kill and injure the very Americans  
 who have paid for his pathetic existence for the past 12 plus years.
A Breakdown of your and my investment into the Tsarnaev Family:
Section 8 housing
Free public healthcare
Food stamps and other EFT transfer payments
Federal Pell Grants for both sons and most likely their daughters as well.
(That is $5200.00 per year for each son or daughter who attended a college.)
City of Cambridge also awarded a $2500 per year scholarship to the younger son.
Younger son also reportedly was receiving state college scholarship.
What did we receive for our investment:
Older son was arrested for domestic battery on a former girlfriend.
 The mother was arrested last year for shoplifting $1600 in merchandise
from a Lord & Taylor store.  
 Mother is facing immediate arrest for failure to appear regarding this matter.
- Then of course we know that the two sons combined to kill four people  
 (3 Americans & a Chinese exchange student), severely injure 100 plus other people,  
 carjacked another victim and only let him live when he escaped.
Now we have the two pathetic parents who have returned to Russia
and are claiming that their poor sons are innocent
and are being framed by the same American government  
 that allowed for their pathetic existence the past 12 plus years.
When are we going to put a stop to this madness?
Please pass this on and commit to getting involved in the 2014 election process.


Anonymous said...

"When are we going to put a stop to this madness?"

What is the point to this rant? Do they want to take welfare/food stamps away from everyone because the children in this one family committed acts of terrorism? While their actions are hypocritical of biting the hand that feeds you, does this same logic work with guns? You know when one individual kills a bunch of others with a gun I guess we should take all guns away from everyone...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should do background checks of all those who receive money at the taxpayer's expense. How corrupt do government handouts need to get before this waste of hardworking American's money shows up for all to see.

Hooray 4US said...

To Anon #2:

Good idea!

1. Who's going to pay for those background checks? Are you agreeing to pay more taxes to enable this to happen? If not, then why not?
2. Then you must also agree with background checks on those who buy guns?? Don't you? If not, why not?

gruaud said...

Well, how about we do background checks on
corporations? SCOTUS says they're people now,
right? How about we do background checks on
CEO's, CFO's and the board of directors when their
corporation is applying for a federal grant?

Think that'll fly?

Of course it won't. The GOP, the Blue Dogs, and
their lobbyist sugar daddies would go ballistic.

You assert that government "handouts" are corrupt.
I would contend that government social assistance
would have the same levels of corruption as the private sector; maybe even a little less. You seem to
want to punish the many poor and vulnerable so long as a family like the Tsarnaevs are punished, as

That is exactly backwards. I'd rather a few people be
able to scam the system as long as the vast majority
who need it are helped. Systems will always be
scammed. Does that mean we make them onerously

ferschitz said...

There's a lot of holes in the Boston Marathon "story," which I won't go into.

Duly noted, however, how the great propoganda wurlitzer jizzes it down to: booga booga dirty Moozlinz is *stealing* your hard-earning tax munies!! Outrage!1! Fear fear.

There is an investigation ongoing about whether the Tsarnaev family got "welfare," and if so, how much.

Duly noted, too, that US citizens are only too too willing to fall in line with the fascist propoganda that the Tsarnaev brothers are GUILTY before even being charged. The brother that the PD didn't kill is claiming that they are innocent.

But, yes, the Tea Party smells blood and reliably jumps to the only conclusion: the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

Creeps. Nice how y'all enjoy wearing those brown shirts & jack boots.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The right wing needn't worry their empty heads about the 'welfare' costs of that family. The cost of trying and executing the younger Tsarnaev will far, far outstrip the piddling amount they may have collected in food stamps etc. But then its not really about the money anyway.

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