FWd: You go guy!!...read the @#$%^& bills

Subject: You go guy!!...read the @#$%^& bills

This is how the Reid/Obama Senate works! Things must change in November.

DISCOURAGING & ABSURD to say the least!     

This is truly pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Wow - Read the bills before voting on them....what a novel concept! ;-)

Winky ;-)

Anonymous said...

The bills have been read. Every senator has an army of policy staff which goes over every bill, and every bill has a legion of special interest groups which constantly monitor the legislation in order to ensure that the things they want are included and the things they don't are not. The negotiations which go into crafting these bills often take months, if not years.

The idea that the bills "aren't read by anyone" because they weren't posted online for an arbitrary period of time is naive and ignorant. As is the notion that the Senate is the only part of government. Any bill also has to pass the House in exactly the same form (unlikely), or pass both houses and then go through a conference committee. Then the President must agree with it, and after that the courts get their shot. The idea that the whole process isn't closely controlled and monitored by interested parties is just wrong.

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