Fwd: WOW! What A President!

Subject: Fwd: WOW! What A President!

Oh my, look how far we have fallen.  Will we ever have such a president again?

Ronald Reagan's church, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, put this together to commemorate his birthday.

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gruaud said...

Yeah, and it was your hero who precipitated our national decline.

CharlieE said...

He was pretty amazing. He ran on a platform that promised a balanced budget by 1982, but he never submitted one and instead tripled the national debt.

Republicans revere him.

He raised taxes eleven times.

Republicans revere him.

He granted amnesty to illegal aliens.

Republicans revere him.

He once met a member of his cabinet in public and failed to recognize him.

Republicans revere him.

Twenty nine members of his administration were convicted of crimes.

Republicans revere him.

He said that trees cause more air pollution than automobiles.

Republicans revere him.

Doesn't say much about his fans, does it?

ferschitz said...

Yo! One more time with feeling!! Dry humping Ronne Ray-gunz coffin just one mo' time...

Nothing like idolizing someone who had Alzheimer's the whole time he was Pres of the USA. I have relatives with Alzheimers that I take care of, so I know the symptoms. Nothing against anyone with that disease, but idolizing someone who had it and allegedly was "running the nation" was, is and continues to be over the top.

Plus, as highlighted above, the Reagan admin's "accomplishments" have been distorted beyond all recognition.

Guess it must've been a dull news day to dig this one up.

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