Fw: Dirty Commie

Subject: Fw: Dirty Commie


Anonymous said...

That's a Nazi uniform. Nazi's were many things, but they were not commies, and they certainly had no love for people with Obama's skin tone.

Once again wingnuts have displayed their ignorance of basic historical facts and proved that their irrational hatred cannot be contained by petty things like "logic".

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Anon: quite correct, albeit my guess is that the rightwing think tank that derped out this POS has Obama deliberately in a Nazi uniform, whilst saying he's a "commie."

Let's face it, the Tea Party has been deliberately misled by Rush, Glenn, BillO, Hannity, Dick Armey & the Koch Brothers to conflate and confuse the Nazi regime with Stalin's Communism - and then tos say that's who Obama is & how he's behaving/believing.

It's truly stupidity on steroid, but the Tea Partiers aren't interested in facts or reality. They wish to live in some weird fantasy land where they *think* they're being kowtowed to by the PTB, whilst being constantly under attack by "the other," which in this case is that uppity blackity blackity BLACK "n" word. Fear is a very very powerful way to manipulate and brainwash humans.

In other words: rubes ripe for extracting money from by pandering to their egos. And believe me, the rightwing is very good at getting money out of their sheep by using viscous, but completely illogical, propoganda like this. Along with votes.

Note how it's done. Very deliberate.

gruaud said...

I would like one conservative, any conservative, to explain to me the difference between communism, capitalism, socialism, and fascism...as YOU see it.

Because I don't think you can, even with a full set of encyclopedias in your lap...especially if these forwards are any indication.

Douglas said...

lol...I've never seen some of these. I guess my Dad's group of goofball retiree friends never forward the idiotically racist ones. Their latest missive entitled Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable is hilarious. Is there a comedy writer somewhere who starts these?

Anonymous said...

ferschitz....Dude, you're a very slow LEARNER! How many times have I told you...not "propoganda"...but PROPAGANDA!!!! Obviously, the word is one of your favorites...so at least you should learn how to spell the damn thing! bwaahahahahah

What a big DUMBIE!!! woooo-hoooo

Winky ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have to admit, he looks good in a uniform.

Anonymous said...

It's actually spelled 'dummy'. You've probably been called one a thousand times, surprising you don't know that, dummy.

Anonymous said...

I had to spell it DUMBIE so that ferschitz could understand....that's how he spells it! Oh yea! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you have to explain the punch line, it probably wasn't that funny. You should stick to your thinly veiled solicitations of gay sex, much more entertaining. Are you a bottom or a top? Good to decide that early in the game. Anyway, happy hunting!

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