FWD: Sign on I-35

Subject: Sign on I-35

 As seen on I-35


CharlieE said...

OK, I'll bite. Is this referring to the obstructionist Republicans in Congress who are blocking all attempts to fix Bush's rotten economy?

Anonymous said...

No, CharlieE!! It's about getting rid of America's enemy #1, President Barack Hussein Obama because his goal is the same as Osama bin Laden's. That goal is to destroy America!

Thx 4 Fish said...

"...because his goal is the same as Osama bin Laden's. That goal is to destroy America!
... and that's why he had the seals kill him! Oh wait, what?

Anon your head must hurt a lot every day. Still I'm glad Anon is here to remind us that a good-sized portion of the voting population is completely insane from propaganda. MRWD used to be seen as the family's patriarch, someone to look up to and to seek advice from. Now, like Anon above, we all think he's got a screw loose as he spouts increasingly ridiculous claims such as this one-and no one wants to talk to him about politics anymore.

Anoner said...

Dear Fish,

Thank you for your rationality and reminding us about some relevant Facts.

However, I must admonish you that you have forgotten the cardinal SIN of Barack Hussein Obama: he is BLACK, sir. Blackity black black black BLACK!!!111!!! A N*****!11! In our WHITE House. Uppity spawn of Satan with a Rag-Head middle name.

Therefore, you, Fish, are just wrong to go a-quotin' facts & stuff. Alls ya gots ta do is just lookit that n***** and BAM! It's fuckin' obvious! Get wid da program, man.

ferschitz said...

A retired Air Force mechanic from Gainsville TX (North TX) paid for this ad to run through November. TJ Schad thinks it's just great. There have been some protests about this sign, but then, of course, the racists have come out in favor of it... because we need "go in a new direction in our country."

I quite agree that we need to go in a new direction in this country, and I don't plan to vote for Obama (nor will I vote for RMoney). But seriously? Calling the Pres a "terrorist" is the new normal for allegedly seeking a "new direction" in how our nation is governed?

Unsurprised but disgusted. It's all about racism 100% of the time. This fool - and the fools who say how "great" this billboard is - are offering absolutely NO solutions, NO alternatives, NADA, Bupkiss. Just unbridled racism and bullshit. And they're so PROUD of themselves!

Look Ma! I spent a boatload of money advertising what a racist jerkoff I am! w00t!

gruaud said...

"That goal is to destroy America!"

I can't tell the trolls from actual conservatives anymore.

This is not a good thing, Republicants.

Hooray4US said...

Pretty much, with Romney, the GOP has nothing. So they turn to the ever reliable resource: racism.

Even got Tweety chirping about it this morning, and that's saying something:


Predictably, in response, Eye of Newt Gingrich - in a very desparate bid for attention and "donations" - then called Tweety a racist:


This is like: whack-a-loon. If nothing else, I guess we can pass the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

@ Anoner
Alan Keyes would have been a better choice over BO.

Anonymous said...

Alan Keyes? We truly are talking about whack-a-loon now.

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