General  VoNguyen Giap.General Giap was a  brilliant, highly respected leader
of the North Vietnam  military. The following quote
is from his memoirs  currently found in the
Vietnam war memorial in   Hanoi :
'What we  still don't understand is why you Americans
stopped  the bombing of Hanoi . You had us on the
ropes. If  you had pressed us a little harder,
just for  another day or two, we were ready
to  surrender! It was the same at the
battle of  TET. You defeated us!
We knew  it, and we thought
you knew  it.
But we  were elated to notice your media was
helping  us. They were causing more disruption in
 than we  could in the battlefields. We
were  ready to surrender. You had won!'
General  Giap has published his memoirs and confirmed
what most  Americans knew. The Vietnam war was not
lost in   Vietnam 
 it was  lost at home. The
same  slippery slope, sponsored by the U.S. media,
is  currently underway. It exposes the
enormous  power of a Biased Media to
cut out the  heart and will of
the  American public.
A truism  worthy of note: . . . Do not fear the enemy,
for they can take  only your life. 
Fear  the media,  for they will distort  your grasp of reality and destroy your honor.


Kevin said...

Per Snopes, this is complete bullshit, possibly made up in 2004 to smear John Kerry.

ferschitz said...

I've seen this before and knew it was a complete LIE of epic proporations per Kevin, above.

1. I just love how this rightwing think tank uses a dreaded Commie!! to spread this lying piece of propoganda. I assume that rightwing hack, hired by the 1% to bamboozle the rubes, had a big fat laugh over that.

2. That said, I DO agree with the following statement from this lying POS FAIL:

"Fear the media, for they will distort your grasp of reality and destroy your honor.

Whatever else is being lied about in this jingoistic propoganda, I have say that this final sentence is actually something that everyone should consider, especially those who live on a steady diet of Fox & Rush.

Interesting... maybe the rightwing shill has a conscience, after all??

gruaud said...

Well, well: trotting out the old Dolchstoßlegende. Color me surprised.


We should be hearing the same bullshit about Iraq and Afghanistan soon.

Anonymous said...

ferschitz...for the upteenth time...it's PROPAGANDA...not...."propoganda"? Capiche? Damn, you "is" really a terrible speller, and a slow learner, amigo!

Winky ;-)

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