Fw: Liberal Logic 101

Subject: FW: Fw: Liberal Logic 101
There is a word for what you’ll see, below – it’s called ‘hypocrisy.’                     

Subject: Liberal Logic 101


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap.

Which liberal anchor makes $12 million? And which liberal anchor has ever called small business owners greedy? When did that ever happen?

As for the CEO: making millions doesn't necessarily make one greedy, its HOW you make them. Did you screw over your customers, employees, the taxpayer and the planet earth in order to squeeze an extra nickel for your bottom line? Then yes, you are fucking greedy and deserve to be called as such.

For example, Caterpillar made record profits last year and is on pace to better them this year. For this, they CEO gets millions in compensation. At the same time, he's demanding a 6 year wage freeze for the hourly mechanics who actually build the damn products that his company sells. That's fucking greedy any way you slice it, to take millions in profits for yourself and at the same time give both middle fingers to your hard working employees.

And Hollywood stars can absolutely be greedy too. But here's the thing. As crazy as it sounds, I'd argue that your typical Hollywood star is a hell of a lot more important to the success of a film than the average big company CEO. Harrison Ford earns his money because he puts butts in the seats. People don't buy Caterpillar equipment because of who the CEO is.

And when people stop buying tickets to see Harrison Ford movies, studios will stop paying him. Unlike a lot of big corporate CEOs and executives, who seem to always have another high paying gig waiting for them and get paid a ton whether the company does well or tanks.

Anonymous said...

All excellent points, Anon. Well spoken.

ferschitz said...

#1: Diane Sawyer ain't "liberal," so there's mistake One. Of course in ConservaWorld, if someone happens to state a FACT that doesn't make Conservatives "happy," then just slag with the label "liberal" and -eh voila! - all is well again.

#2 First Anon stated it very well vis the CEO of Catepillar and how the workers are being treated v. the CEO's gargantuan "salary." It's a false notion that these overblown CEO's "work so hard" and "earn their salaries, perks, stock options, etc." No, mostly they don't. Anecdotally, I've been a shareholder for years, and I witnessed the Old Boys network in action, which I doubt that most conservatives have.

Fact is the CEOs and various Corp Board members are a small group - the 1% - and they all get recycled around & they keep voting THEMSELVES ever higher and more GREEDY "salaries" with each passing year. At the same time, they off-shore lower-level worker jobs, force salary freezes or wage reductions on the "lower orders," and so on. Yet Conservatives wish to say that it's "liberal" - "crazy" or "stupid" or "hypocritical" - when one calls them greedy.

And/or conservatives will say that the "shareholders" will "take action" against the CEOs if they "don't like" their salaries or how they perform on their job. Yeah: that's a sick joke. I've participated in quite a few shareholder actions to get CEO salaries lowered, but they don't work. It's like voting in the Pres. election: you're vote, as a 99%er, doesn't count. The mega-corps are owned by the 1%, and what they say goes.

#3 Personally I DO think that entertainers of all kinds - whether they be Hollywood Stars or atheletes - make far too much money. That's just me, but then, as first Anon indicates, once those Hollywood stars or the big Atheletes can no longer "perform" or draw butts into the seats, then they are DONE, gone, finished, and/or get diminished salaries.

Not so for the CEOs in the Old Boys Network.

So this is, per usual, a bunch of conservative lying hogwash drummed up by some rightwing Think Tank. It's bullshit propoganda sent out to reliably bamboozle the conservative masses... and "Yes, they are that stupid."

Hooray4US said...

Who said that Hollywood stars "earned every penny"?? Where's the link to show that librarals say & believe this?

(Yes, I know that conservatives are propogandized to *believe* that Hollywood is a hotbed of horrid liberalism.)

What about rightwing Hollywood stars such as Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Tom Selleck, Charleton Heston (RIP), etc?

Do conservative actors "earn every penny," but liberal actors do NOT?

"Yes, they are that stupid."
This does seem to be describing conservatives reading this RWF. Maybe it was accidentally left there by the rightwing think tank that generated this stupid sloppy mess.

Anonymous said...

Diane Sawyer is liberal? She was an aide to Richard Nixon! She presided over the public shaming of the Dixie Chicks after they had the temerity to mildly criticize the Decider!

gruaud said...

If the CEO is exploiting his workers or selling an inferior or unsafe product, if he is making PAC contributions so that legislation and taxes are gamed his way, then, yeah, he's pretty greedy.
However, I know CEOs who are great people.
So perhaps you oversimplified?

Who is a Hollywood star exploiting? What demographic is he hurting by using money and influence? He earns his money because that's what studios pay him, in the hopes that he'll generate 100 times what he's being paid. So maybe you don't understand how markets work?

See the difference, LL101 guy? You simplify to the point of view of a child. What do children know about crony capitalism or micro-economics?

Anonymous said...

It's kind of low-brow humor to begin with, but there's a site called conservative logic 102.


KJ said...

I love that the image they use for "Hollywood Star" is from 35 years ago.

Also, kudos to the person that took the words right out of my mouth about Diane Sawyer. Since when is she known as a "liberal"?

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