Fw: Welfare Vacations - A MUST see

Subject: Fw: Welfare Vacations - A MUST see
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Subject: Fw: Welfare Vacations - A MUST see
Coming to Your State Soon!!! 
Welfare Vacations - A must see video.

This is only California....So think what goes on in other states as well.

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Anonymous said...

You may recognize David Spady from TownHall, where he's a columnist, or from his CA state directorship of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers' PAC.

The original article he's referring to is here. A choice quote:

An anti-fraud unit in Orange County, which won praise from state officials last year for saving the state millions, has since had to slash its budget and lay off 15 investigators, said Paul Bartlett, commander of the county district attorney's Bureau of Investigation.

Those cuts saved $900,000 in operating expenses but allowed "an estimated $9.6 million in suspected fraud payments out the door," according to an Orange County Grand Jury report released in May.

So... congratulations on insisting on cutting government spending, Republicans!

Thx 4 Fish said...

The assumption that a few welfare recipients are taking wonderful vacations may be accurate, but it is not the only option. An ATM card can be traded for drugs, then the ATM card can be used by anyone with the pin #. So it could actually be the drug dealer taking the nice vacation--it just seems more likely to me!

ferschitz said...

Well David Spady sounds very convincing doesn't he? He states very firmly that CA Welfare ATMs were spent in Lanai "where the expensive Four Seasons Resort is."

Uh, thanks for the travel tip about the Four Seasons in Lanai, David. How does the location of that resort on Lanai translate into Welfare Receipient staying there?? It. Does. Not.

Ditto for some of the other stuff that David spews out. I'd really like to see back up for a lot of what this guy talks about because I'm doubtful of the veracity of it.

I'm constantly hearing rightwingers whining & crying about welfare cheating, but absolutely not one of these whiners has one whit of a problem with the 1% not paying their fair share of taxes.

David Spady is a typical rightwing shill selling snake oil. Unless or until I get more credible and verifiable info, I don't believe most of what he's "selling" here. That said, I'm sure it gins up the Tea Baggers, who never ever request back-up info for the fairy tales peddled to them by rightwing think tanks.

Angelica said...

Well you could come to Argentina sometime, and experience the Buenos Aires rent for yourself

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