Subject: OMG.2

OMG is no longer what you think, it has a whole new meaning!


Anonymous said...

Old Money Government

Occupy Mitt & Gingrich!

Outlaw Material Goods!

Make your own...it's fun.

ferschitz said...

Old Miserable Grinch

Outed (but) Married GOPer

Outlaw Military Genuflecting

Ostensibly Mangled Genome

Outrageous Murkin Groupie

Wow! Everyone can play at this game! w00t!

Anonymous said...

Otiose Morose Geezer

In a different vein:

Obama Merits Gifts

Our Mocking Grates

Observe My Greatness

gruaud said...

So if Obama Must Go, then this is what you're voting for:

1. New tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans
2. New tax cuts for corporations
3. Ending Medicare as we know it
4. Cutting Social Security benefits
5. Repealing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms
6. Opposition to the Buffett Rule, that would tax millionaires at least at the same rate as the people who work in their cubicle farms
7. Huge subsidies for the oil mega-corporations
8. Huge tax breaks for companies that ship US jobs overseas

Every GOP candidate is campaigning on these economic planks.

And you want that...why?

That doesn't make any goddamned sense.

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