Fw: Fwd: Every wonder why Detroit is all screwed up?

This not only applies to Detroit but the whole of the U.S.A.
Idiots like this and the demos wanting their votes have brought this country to ruin.
Subject: Fwd: Every wonder why Detroit is all screwed up?




Anonymous said...

Wow, that was... meh.

An angry shouting match at a government meeting? Whoever heard of such a thing?!? Apparently not the people who acted like angry, rabid idiots at all the "Health Care Town Hall" events a few years ago. Or vice president "Fuck You" on the floor of the US Senate.

Maybe next time they should come to blows with walking canes, ala Preston Brooks of South Carolina, who assaulted a US Senator on the floor of Congress in defense of racism and slavery. Maybe that would win some wingnut "respect".

gruaud said...

How do demos wanting their votes (?) bring this country to ruin? That's silly talk.

If you really wonder why Detroit is screwed up and aren't looking for a simple Manichean answer, read this essay.


ferschitz said...

Interesting, gruaud, but way beyond the comprehension level of most who "enjoy" RWFs. I'd suggest watching Michael Moore's documentary Roger & Me. Although it is about the devolution of Flint, not Detroit, the same issues can applied to Detroit.

Of course, that's why Rush Limbaugh dutifully yells at conservatives to hate hate hate on Michael Moore: because Moore, for all of his alleged faults, is not a racist (as the commenters to the youtube video unabashedly are) and doesn't blame minorities for Flint's problems.

Rather, Moore tells the truth about GM & the 1%.

Can't have facts, truth and reality get in the way of a good conservative racist hate bashing, now can we???

blaney said...

Hey hey! More unbridled racism, especially in the youtube commentary. But I forgot! If I point out the blatant racism of conservatives, as evidenced by nakedly racist comments on youtube & this RWF, then I'm the one that's racist!


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