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An interesting exercise....but we all knew this, right?

Tax the Rich

Dear Family and Friends:

The actual facts to refute the tax the rich claims of our president and his socialist crew.

Okay, it is time to "Soak the Rich."  Let's take everything they have.  In fact, let's confiscate everything.  Hum ...

 This is clever and graphic: If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what would.  
For those that may even think about buying the notion that we can just take a little more from the "rich" to solve
Our economic problems, watch this. The next time you hear someone buying into the liberal philosophy of simply
Raising taxes on the "rich", consider showing them the following video.  

There is a massive misunderstanding by the President, his administration, and liberals on a whole host of things,
But most especially on how fat the golden goose is and what happens when you run it out of money and/or our
Country. Someone better use the video below and educate the public quickly. 

Click HERE


Anonymous said...

Let's take everything they have. In fact, let's confiscate everything

Don't forget to confiscate all the hay bales you see. You'll need them to keep building strawmen.

Anonymous said...

To save people some time: this video purports to show that if we took everything from the top 1% and all the profits from all the top corporations (something that's never actually been proposed or even considered as an actual policy by Obama or anyone else) then it doesn't quite cover the cost of the 3.7 Trillion dollar federal budget.

Which of course ignores the fact that the biggest parts of that budget are SS and Medicare, which are already funded mostly by the bottom 99%, and the fact that the next biggest item is interest on the national debt aka the credit card payments for W's tax cuts and wars.

Anonymous said...

My conservative friends always talk about how the poor should be paying "their fair share, even if it's just a dollar," yet they never seem to care that the rich and big business pay only a few percent of their income in taxes. Why are they determined to wring that that cash out of someone making $15,000 a year while defending companies who outsource hundreds of thousands of jobs?

Thx 4 Fish said...

This black and white, all-or-nothing thinking must be difficult to live with. If you offer slice of pie to a right winger, do they assume you mean for them to have the whole thing? If you ask for a slice of theirs do they grab their pie and run, just knowing you want it all? This seems to be their perspective. It is what two-year olds do.

gruaud said...

It boils down to greed, pure and simple.

Everything else people like iowahawk are spouting is bullshit.

Marc with a C said...

The general conservative mindset, summed up, is that they'd rather shit on a freshly-baked apple pie than be forced to give a slice to someone else.

blaney said...

Somewhat shorter RWF:

Watch this swinging pendulum... you are getting sleepy... close your eyes... Now always remember that some poor person just might be getting something for nothing and somehow majorly ripping you off. Just ignore all those mega-rich 1%ers behind that curtain with their hands deep in your pockets. On the count of three, you will wake up and genuflect to the megarich. One... two...

ferschitz said...

Typical bullshit hype.

Exactly Who and Exactly When did anyone ever say: "confiscate everything" from the rich and the corporations??

Links, please! Yeah: there's no links bc no one has ever said, implied or hinted at that.

Furthermore, most mega-corporations already pay very little in taxes, so cry me a river if someone suggests that corporation should be forced to pay their "fair share." Wouldn't that be refreshing??? Instead, the concept of *everyone,* including corporations, paying their fair share of taxes is twisted, spun and perverted into: you deviant socialisticKenyancommunist lazy slackers want to RIP OF the rich and corportions.

Call the waaaaahmbulance, please.

Bunch of rightwing think tank bullshit pooped out to confuse and rile the rubes... because it works.

Facts don't matter. Lies and projection work.

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