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Anonymous said...

Judging from the symbol in the background, this picture was taken in New Orleans. Meaning that this lady is represented by, and probably voted for, a US Senator who is a well known customer of the DC Madam.

While (supposedly) happily married and campaigning against same-sex marriage and for "traditional moral values", he was paying top dollar for high end prostitutes. Despite this being public knowledge, the people of his state (including the lady pictured here) actually re-elected him.

What would their pal Jesus say? Something about splinters in eyes?

ferschitz said...

ho hum

Hooray4US said...

Is the pandering rightwing thinktank that's pushing out this photo masterpiece deliberately mis-spelling "wurst" in the Email header?? To make it seem like it's more from dumbed down conservatives, rather than pushed out from propogandizers?? The lady in the photo spelled "worst" correctly.

gruaud said...

Maybe they mean bratwurst.

I understand those come from Chicago, too.

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