You'll love this one


Anonymous said...

No Harry Truman?

And Reagan sure does look sharp in his movie outfit.

ferschitz said...

Nice photoshop of Obama.

Nice photo of GW Bush, who was AWOL most of the time, after Poppy paid for W to be in the Air Nat'l Guard.

Yeah: Clinton is was "only" in the high school band.

Let's see: what branch of the Military did Dick Cheney serve in? Since, after all, it was really Cheney who was running the show from behind the scenes.

Here's a clue vis Cheney: none of the above, and probably not even in a high school band.

Good try at ginning up the reliable conservarubes into being all into WAR, Inc. You know, as in the Military Industrial Complex, which is ripping off US taxpayers for fun 'n profit.

Not a huge fan of Clinton, who's in the thrall of the MIC, but I'd rather have a Pres who was a band member than a war-monger, myself.

Marc with a C said...

You know who else was a veteran? Adolph Hitler. And Mummar Gadhaffi. And Mobutu. And Mussolini. Just sayin'.

gruaud said...

Rather than a forced landing at sea, Poppy Bush bailed out on his two crewmen when the Avenger he was piloting was hit.

He lived, they died.

And how does he sleep at night?

Just like his dimwit son: like a log.

CharlieE said...

Ever since he took office, Obama has done nothing but bend over backwards to accommodate Republicans.

And they still hate him, even though he's given them everything they've asked for.

The stupidity of Republicans is astonishing.

kinggrain said...

Tell us about your military service.

gruaud said...

Tell us about yours.

And guess what, numbnuts. It has nothing to do with GHWB's cowardice. Or reactionary hypocrisy when it comes to laying it on the line in harm's way.

You put the uniform over humanity, like many reactionaries. 'Adolph Hitler wore a uniform, thus, he is better than Gandhi.' That's your infantile argument boiled down to its essence.


Ask yourself this: would you have wanted GHWB to pilot your plane while you were the turret gunner?

I thought not.

Mysophobe said...

Military service merely exposes courage or cowardice, it doesn't create them. Nor does not serving preclude them. This unquestioning hero worship of the military is a dangerous road.

Anonymous said...

Anyone on here want obama as their pilot?

Anonymous said...

Liberals suck

Anonymous said...

Anyone on here want obama as their pilot?

No, but I have confidence that with some training he would do just fine in that job. He's a smart, cool headed, athletic person, the exact type you would want in a potential pilot.

Now answer this: anyone here want W as your President?

For me the answer since 1999 has always been: "Hell No!".

Anonymous said...

Liberals suck'

No no, you have it not quite right. Being a liberal sucks, because you have to constantly battle right wing morons who wouldn't know a good idea if it gave them a tax cut.

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