FW: Now this is funny!!!

Subject: FW: Now this is funny!!!

I don't care what your political views are this is funny!!!!  The guy in the background has figured out something is just not quite right, but obummer is oblivious.


gruaud said...

Now that was damned funny!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how he wrote something so legibly on his hand like that.

Also amazing how a supposed follower of such a far right weirdo was able to get so close to a Democrat without cursing him, threatening him or bursting into flame. Take note wingnuts: civility can exist even among those with ideological differences.

Marc with a C said...

One guess as to which hand that guy beats off with.

gruaud said...

....while reading 'Atlas Shrugged'.

ferschitz said...

It's actually amusing (finally!) if this isn't Photoshopped. I'm not gonna bet that it's not.

However, how is that the guy in the background allegedly "has figured out" what's going on, while Obama hasn't. That's what ends up making this reasonably good joke turn stupid.

Conservatives: don't know when to quit when they're *finally* ahead.

gruaud said...

@ fershitz

I bet the photographer is laughing his ass off.

ferschitz said...

gruaud: quite likely. the dude in the back? not so much.

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