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Subject: FW: video

He cannot see the teleprompter
Subject: Fw: video



Anonymous said...

Do they seriously not remember the way that W mangled the english language? It was a daily occourance. Literally: they made "bushism a day" desk calendars.

Once again, IOKIYAR. Always. Forever.

The difference, of course, isn't just that Bush would mangle things even when they were on the teleprompter.

ferschitz said...

All Presidents use TelePrompts and/or, back ye olden days, note cards. Sainted Ronnie of the Raygunz had Mamacita Nancy often verbally prompting him, or if not Nancy, then others on his staff.

But as Anon, above, says: IOKIYAR.

Must be a slow news day if the rightwing think tank is *recycling* this tired old b.s. Maybe the rightwing think paid shill is on vacation, so they pulled out something from archives. And no doubt, Teahadists everywhere will get starbursts thinking about what a dumbo Obumble is.

Way to be distracted by nonsense and crap, conservatives.

I dearly *WISH* that the only "problem" with Obama was that he frickin' reads from a stupid TelePromptr. Sheesh.

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