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Kevin said...

Hurray eliminationism! Nothing bad can come of characterizing your political opponents as vermin worthy of death!

Anonymous said...

I can... destroy your social security.

I can... start stupid, costly, painful wars.

I can... gut education and infrastructure in order to give my billionaire benefactors just a bit more money.

I can... hate anyone who isn't a white christian republican man.

I can... be a Republican.

And props for eliminationism! I guess we are past the pearl clutching from last week when a democrat using salty language but clearly calling for people to vote and work through the channels of democracy was worthy of censure.

gruaud said...

It seems the only things conservatives like about government are wars at the international level and executing prisoners at the state level. They distrust everything else.

And Scalia stating that it's perfectly ok to send an INNOCENT man to his death if all procedures are properly followed tells you all you need to know about what is eventually in store for those of us not in their tribe.

I bet the appeals process is abolished within 15 years. And jury trials will be abolished 10 years after that.

Thomas said...

Well, if you make 'American' and 'Republican' plural like they did to 'Democrat,' then you get 'cans.' Not quite as inspiring, is it? We can all play silly word games, and it means nothing. Now, about that eliminationist rhetoric....

ferschitz said...

Eh? ReTHUGlicans back to the recycling bin for this one. The only time conservatives believe in recycling is when they want to use their crappy stuff over again in order to gin up the rubes.

My guess is that the eliminationist language is quite deliberate after the spectacles we've seen lately at the so-called Republican "debates," where the Teahadists hoot 'n hollar in favor of lotsa dead people in TX and also clap, whistle & cheer for "slackers" dying due to lack of health ins coverage.

This is no mistake. Witness how the rightwing thinktanks pump out their brainwashing propoganda.... this time in PINK and blue, no less.

Hooray4US said...

I thought when you see pink elephants, it means that you're really really falling-down drunk?? Maybe this graphic explains a lot about conservatives, after all.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there are Republicans who can actually spell. Who knew?

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