FW: This nails it

Subject: FW: This nails it

Subject: This nails it


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, go to your wallet and find a dollar.

That amount in your hand is more than Exxon or GE paid in taxes last year, despite each having huge profits.

This line of thinking about people not paying taxes is also false, because everyone who works pays into social security and medicare. Therefore it doesn't make sense to cut those functional, helpful programs in order to give even more tax cuts to Exxon and GE.

At least it doesn't make sense to me, apparently Republicans work under a different kind of logic.

Anonymous said...

GE did pay taxes.
But they have some of the worst PR people in the world.

At the same time they are the leader at exporting American jobs to China. So not a great company.

Marc with a C said...

Ah yes, the "half of Americans pay no taxes."

Which of course is BS. Half of Americans pay no federal income tax, because they don't make enough to qualify. That is a far, far, FAR cry from saying half of Americans don't pay taxes. Because anyone who pays into social security, medicaid, medicare, pays state-level taxes, fills their gas tank or buys a freaking candy bar is paying taxes.

But hey, that's the right wing for you. Because it's better for no one to pay any taxes and live in a free-market paradise like Somalia (as the founding fathers intended) than in some socialist hellhole like Canada or Sweden. Or Vermont.

gruaud said...

You know what?

They AREN'T paying their fair share.

Who the fuck is OK with this?

Anonymous said...

No one is OK with this. But someone needs to rewrite the tax code.

I am not sure how you determine what is fair and what is not fair when the current fucked up code says that this is fair.

How do you determine what is fair and what is not fair? Where is the standard to measure it by? If you find it, send it to congress.

gruaud said...

What is fair is a progressive tax code, and an end to corporate/billionaire loopholes. We should also tax the shit out of churches, since they love getting their hands dirty in the civics arena.

It is really that simple.

The direction the US is currently headed is a REGRESSIVE tax code, where the burden of taxation is entirely on the middle (soon to be extinct) class and the lower class.

And all the millionaires on my TV are telling me how wonderful a regressive tax system is going to be.

But the part they aren't saying is that it will be good for THEM, not the rest of us.

LiberalGunner said...

I agree tax the shit out of all churches.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this comic actually admits that it's the upper class that's not being taxed fairly. Yet somehow, Obama is supposed to be wrong.

Also, I really wish Chip Bok would get a better colorist, if a basic understanding of politics is too expensive.

Honus said...

There is another aspect of "the 50% pay no taxes" meme. Half the people in my house pay no taxes. That would be our two teenage sons. In fact, most of the children in the country don't pay federal income, and a lot of seniors don't either. Likewise the non-working spouse in a single-earner household. Pretty easy to get to 50% when you consider the actual facts.

Anonymous said...

Then we would all the fair amount of taxes. You buy some gas you pay the same amount as you lie beral morons. Small businessman buys some new machinery and pays his "fair share".

Anti left wing said...

Is that why Apple has more money than the gov't. Maybe the gov't should start selling I pads.

Anonymous said...

GO FAIR TAX-- Then we would all the fair amount of taxes.

How can we let the rich pay even less than they already do? I know! We'll do away with the already low capital gains tax, which is where the majority of the rich's wealth comes from, and replace it with a sales tax, which doesn't affect all the money they hoard! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

@gruaud and lib gunner
I agree tax the shit out of all churches.

Why stop at churches? Just tax all charities and other nonprofits. Sounds like double taxation, since the money given to churches was taxed already.
Why not tax the crap out of campaign contributions?

gruaud said...

Churches are most definitely 'for profit' organizations.
Charities and other non-profits are subject to IRS scrutiny and public accountability. Churches are not.
And for every tax dollar they don't pay, you have to pick up the slack.

And campaign contributions need to be reformed, but certainly not by taxing them.

There are better arguments than slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

GRUAUD works for the IRS, at least he thinks he knows everything about churches.
Churches are most definitely 'for profit' organizations.
@@Charities and other non-profits are subject to IRS scrutiny and public accountability. Churches are not.????????????
All monies collected(from parishioners after-tax dollars) pay the staff (who pay taxes on their income),pay the utilities and the mortgage, and other needs the people have. If they were 'for profit', they would be able to claim all these and more. They are scrutinized by the IRS and their books are always open. If you ever went to church more than a few times, you would know more about this subject.

Anonymous said...

lucky duckies!!

BrianX said...

I don't think this comic means what its creator thinks it means. See, silly me, despite the intentionally loaded/misleading phrasing, this is exactly what's supposed to be happening...

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