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You need to watch this and then forward to everyone you know. A video that will
make you think seriously! 

This is bone chilling and 52% of the voters did this to us by electing Obama. If you can't play this on your computer (picture and sound) then send it to someone who can
play it and go watch it with them!
Then go to The Oak Initiative to find out more about their mission.



Anonymous said...

This is bone chilling and 52% of the voters did this to us by electing Obama.

I'd say its scary that 48% of voters not only wanted more Republican rule, but were happy with the thought of Palin one heartbeat from becoming leader of the free world. THAT'S what's "bone chilling".

Anonymous said...


Found a transcript. How anyone can claim that Obama is Marxist, or that this Administration's term has been bad for gun rights, is beyond me.

gruaud said...

So easily frightened and angered.

ferschitz said...

More rightwing think tank jive to scare the Teahadists... they truly do enjoy being very very frightened... about nothing.

Anyone who wishes to claim that ultra-NeoCon-corporatist Obama is some kind of "Marxist" is not playing with a full deck of cards.

Hooray4US said...

Hey conservatives! If you really really want to be scared, how about paying attention to the fact that all of the politicians, and their lobbyist/mega-rich enablers, in Wash DC are getting ready to gut YOUR Soc Sec and Medicare.

Don't know about anyone else here, but frankly, I am afraid that's going to happen and happen really soon.

So I've been paying into Soc Sec & Medicare for years, but the super rich are going to steal it from me, while these idiotic conservatives wank on about how Obama is some kind of a Marxist.

Thanks for paying attention to totaly bullcrap, dunderheads.

gruaud said...

Hooray4US is right!
All of the politicians, and their lobbyist/mega-rich enablers are evil! It would be better to tax the super rich into poverty than make me work for my money. I have more need than Paris Hilton! "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" - Karl Marx
Stupid Conservatives! Long live Communism!

gruaud said...

Aw, isn't that cute, I have a mimic troll. Not the first time and judging by their stupidity, won't be the last.

Hey dummy, we can tell you're a troll 'cause you're STUPID. Me, I have an IQ of 60, so I'm smarter than all of the rest of you contards combined.

Just for poster reference, a mimic troll is the lowest, stupidest form of life on the internet. Can't debate, can't even insult, so tries to mimic and act as stupid as possible,

Which is not a stretch for these dingleberries.

gruaud said...

More poster reference. It all boils down to childishness. These GOP lightweights don’t know what they are doing. Soon the United States will be like eastern Europe! Dummies!

gruaud said...

The regulars here can see through you, silly.

And the non-regulars don't care. They see the hatefulness and childishness of the forwards and make their judgments accordingly. All I( and the regulars do is comment on them. Obviously, you think they're awesome and my comments are just killing you.

But keep it up; I've dealt with you nitwits before on Yahoo and you aren't nearly as good as they were.

gruaud said...

Keep going you conservative zombie troll. Our country is in the shape it’s in because you and your ilk. Funny thing is I agree with everything you said.
Living in a communist European Country is far better than living in a corporate oligarchy. So keep going. I am enjoying this.

gruaud said...

Thank you. I will. At least you agree with me Marxist.

Anonymous said...

IQ = 60?
55 to 69 is educable/mentally retarded. Looks like both you and the troll are in good company. That is not much better than the 30 rightwing Teahadists.

Anonymous said...

IQ = 60?
55 to 69 is educable/mentally retarded

Its called a joke. I got it. Gruaud is being self depricating while at the same time confirming his intellect is superior to a Tea Partier's.

Hooray4US said...

"I have more need than Paris Hilton!"

I guess I agree with this sentiment of the gruaud mimic on this one sentiment. Don't know about the conservative mimic-trolls here, but speaking for myself, I DO have more need than Paris Hilton.

But hey: if you believe that coddled trust-a-farians, like Paris Hilton, should get to live high on the hog, pay no taxes and never ever really have to work... well, I dunno: who's being stupid now?

I thought all you conservatives were incensed at the notion of poor people supposedly getting "something for nothing."

Why is it ok for Paris Hilton to get something for nothing?

Just by the way, Eastern European countries stopped being under communist rule quite a while ago, but perhaps Rush Limbaugh failed to inform you about that tiny little fact.

Suggesting that the USA become like Eastern Europe is silly, since they're all capitalistic democracies now. So, uh, huh??

Anonymous said...

Ah Comrade you just love capitalistic democracies now don't you, you Marxist little worm.

Hooray4US said...

Yes I do love communism!

Communism is a system that forces people, through a false concept of private property, to pay for the goods they already have the right to own. This pressures the masses to work for a living instead of organizing and representing (a.k.a. Fascism)

Hooray4US said...

Sorry, confused. I was saying capitalism forces people. Long live Stalin!

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