FW: Press Release

Subject: FW: Press Release

Subject: Press Release

Nice mess this would be......


It has been leaked to the Press, that Barack Obama has chosen Sylvester Stallone for his '12 running mate, and Nancy Pelosi for Secretary of State
They will run as, "Sambo, Rambo, and Bimbo".


gruaud said...

Oh, you pinheads LOVE Rambo. So FAIL as ALWAYS.

I keep waiting for that day when a RW E-mail Forward is even close to average, let alone awesome.

I bet ferschitz it would happen sometime in 2090; he thinks it will be ii sometime between 2050 - 2070.

He's gonna lose, and deep down he knows it.

( =

ferschitz said...

Alrighty, then, gruaud!! Yer on! Albeit, I think I'll lose....

I surely don't get the LOVE AFFAIR that closeted conservatives have with Rambo, other than I guess they relate to his lack of language skills. I think some friends of mine once counted every word that "Rambo" uttered in that stupid movie, and - other than the grunts - it only came out to something like a 150 words (seriously).

So I *guess* that makes Rambo easy to follow for the mentally-challenged??? Sure seems that way.

Duly noted, of course, that this dull non-joke includes the usual ingredients of bigoted racism and sexism... so we have here: 1. racist comment, 2. Self-identification with a mental moran, and 3. sexism. A conservatarded trifecta of sorts.

gruaud said...

ferschitz, Like I said you are going to lose because you are a loser. I always knew you had nothing better to do than count words in the Rambo movie! (=

ferschitz said...

Hey gruaud: it wasn't ME that counted Rambo's word; I've never even seen that movie. It was a friend of mine that told me that.

But, in the case of this bet we have going, I accept the role of "loser" just to make YOU happy... har har

gruaud said...

Ferschitz, a friend of yours?
You have conservative friends?

gruaud said...

@ ferschitz

There is a gruaud imposter here, fyi.

So if I seem like I'm obnoxious and dumber than usual, it's the fake.

ferschitz said...

No worries. You are always *obnoxious*.

ferschitz the original (not the imitation) said...

Now there's a ferschitz imposter as well. I didn't make that last comment, so I guess the true gruaud & ferschitz NOW have people who *really* ADMIRE us. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So thanks a lot, fake ferschitz, for having so much admiration of me. Keep reading my posts, pleae. I appreciate that you LIKE them so much and are *learning* so much from them. Good for you!

To get back to Rambo: actually my friend was, at least at the time, very leftwing, but he was "into" the Rambo movie kind of as a joke; like: it was so bad that it was good kind of thing. He and some other pal watched it one time simply & only to count the words that Rambo said... that's how I heard about the 150 words (or whatever low number it was). We all figured at the time that it was about all that the dumbos who truly *liked it* could understand. And so on...

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