FW: Sousa and a Flash Mob!

Subject: FW: Sousa and a Flash Mob!

Subject: Sousa and a Flash Mob!

When I first looked a this video, I thought I saw Mr.. obama, but when the music started I knew it was way too patriotic for the likes of him. Maybe if there was a podium suitable for posing and crooning and showing off his grandeur.
Praying for "Change" AGAIN and  soon,”

If y'all haven't seen this short YouTube video, you will  really enjoy it.  People shopping a few days before July 4  suddenly found themselves surrounded by a marching band playing  the Stars and Stripes Forever!   You gotta love  it!


Anonymous said...

I too wish the President spent more time attending flash mobs in Massachusetts instead of governing.

Anonymous said...

Can't even watch a flash mob video without taking a meaningless shot at the President. They really are derranged.

The President was a bit busy. Between killing Osama bin Laden and trying to save the economy from a Republican sponsored debt default, he doesn't have the same luxury of free time that some people enjoy.

slick50 said...

Anonymous you are so full of it. He didn't kill Osama bin Laden. That didn't take up 90% of his time. And providing stimulus to foreign banks is not saving the economy.

ferschitz said...

I agree, in part, with slick50, but otoh, IF it had been a putative "Republican" President in the White House when Osama bin Laden was allegedly "killed," rightwingers would be clapping & screaming about how the "Republican" had "killed" ObL.

It's specious to whine & cry about how Obama didn't kill ObL... you'd be singing a different tune if Obama had that "R" beside his name.

just saying....

From my perspective, it's all Kabuki show all the time. But that's another story.

slick50 said...

You are right. If an "R" was on the name it would be the same claim by the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

So you want more embellished/fictional stories about Republicans in order to fight true stories about our President? Um... ok? slick 50 you are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there. I would have shoplifted while these asshole Repub-tards played.

CharlieE said...


You're right. Obama did not kill Osama bin Laden, so he deserves no credit.

On the other hand, Osama bin Laden did not kill anyone on 9/11, so he deserves no blame.

Anonymous said...

He didn't kill Osama bin Laden.

How far are we willing to go with this? Did Lincoln not win the Civil War and save the union? Do Churchill and FDR deserve no credit for the victory in WW2? Since Washington wasn't on the front lines, did he really "win" the Revolution?

Obama did what Republicans WISH they could have done: made the tough call. He planned and oversaw the operation. He gave the order. He took the risk. And had things gone to shit, you can bet your ass Republicans would have hung it around his neck forever.

And providing stimulus to foreign banks is not saving the economy

Most of the US debt is held by US citizens and banks. If we default next month, it would be pulling the plug on an economy which is already on life support. I'd say that's a pretty big concern for the President, slightly bigger than his flying to New England to go grocery shopping and watch a flash mob.

Of course, had he been there, he would have been criticized for wasting time with such unimportant things...

gruaud said...

"Maybe if there was a podium suitable for posing and crooning and showing off his grandeur."

I'll see your posing and raise you this:


Look at the title of the link, contards. You don't even dare click on it, because you deep-down know how idiotic your projection is. You loved it when the Bush the Dimmer preened, didn't you?

As always, if you weren't working actively (and succeeding!) at destroying the United States, this would be hilarious. But the Fourth Estate has been bought to coddle your psychotic viewpoints, at the expense of the rest of us.

Thanks, corporate media. You haven't done your job since Iran-Contra and even then you backed away furiously.


CMcD said...

Praying for "Change" AGAIN and soon,”

Learn to punctuate, morans!

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