Fw: Bismark ND street scene

Subject: Bismark ND street scene

  A service truck seen on the streets of Bismarck North Dakota.
 This company cleans septic tanks.

       A sewer / septic tank pumper..,


gruaud said...

Oh, well-played, Mr. Shit-kicker. And I'm pretty sure the guys who are *really* shitting on you are laughing.

At you, dummy.

So you go ahead and vacuum shit and wonder why and how you ended up in the shit business.

I'm betting you had higher hopes when you graduated from HS, but, lookie-loo: there are NO jobs anymore so you pump fucking SHIT.

Yeah, that damned Obama. Bastard.

Anonymous said...


No comment necessary, really.

CharlieE said...

Sorry, but I do not understand. Please explain.

katz said...

The last post was right: You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it could be technically true. The Stimulus gave 95% of people a tax cut, so the driver probably has more money in his pocket because of this. And it also provided money for roads and other infrastructure projects, which this company relies on. And Obama's policies have saved the economy from becoming a total disaster, which allows businesses like this to continue to operate.

So perhaps they unwittingly are endorsing the Stimulus.

ferschitz said...

Eh - so if these fools don't like the Stim package, then perhaps they'd like give back their tax cuts??? Seems like a plan to me.

Anonymous said...

Can't improve on Valeyard. That's a nice expensive paint job there. Wanted: proof-reader.

Anonymous said...

thats a lie i live in bismarck and there is no company like that

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