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Quote of the week -maybe of the year!
Obama said : "Some people in DC talk about me like a dog"......

Fred Thompson replied : "Maybe it's because he keeps treating this country like a fire hydrant"


gruaud said...

That's cute, Fred. Just the right amounts of vapidity and hypocritical facileness we've come to expect from you.

I hear 'Dancing With The Stars' needs another judge. Knock yourself out.

Sorry...remember to pace yourself, instead.

Anonymous said...

Did Obama (or Fred) ever say either of these things? Like most things of this nature, I have my doubts.

D. Sidhe said...

Obama said it, months ago. It was the occasion for much "I've never heard this expression, this *proves* he's a Kenyan Muslim!" freakout.

If Fred said it, he's had quite a bit of time to come up with his snappy response. So, you know, good one, Fred.

Valeyard said...

Mr. Thompson wrote it on Twitter, that great political soapbox for people who can't think more than 140 characters at a time.

ferschitz said...

Gee, whin I wants ta git me sum of that thar intuligant politikall ensite, I allays lissens ta Fred Thompson. He wuz sew sicessfull whin he runs fer prezidunt.

Hooray4US said...

The Oligarchs wish to keep Thompson in the running for the 2012 primary bc clearly he appeals to, uh, certain types of rightwing voters.... that's what his "usefulness" is at this point.

Whatever.... Thomson's twit-person was paid to send out a tweet like this. means nothing.

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