Obama Embraces 'Death Panel' Concept in Medicare Rule


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gruaud said...

Can conservatives EVER tell the truth?

For the love of god, try it even once, for Christ's sake. Who knows? You might even learn to like it.

And then where would you be?

Oh yeah, forever marginalized because your ideology is a vicious sham perpetrated on the lower classes.

Good thing no one listens to the left.

Anonymous said...

Nice how every news article about this has been "Obama returns to death panels," months and months after everyone had agreed that "death panels" were a stupid lie made up by stupid people.

Surely no elderly person would ever want to plan for dignified treatment in their final days and after they pass on!

ferschitz said...

I saw the idiotic "death panels" lie made up by the Grifter Snowbilly's propoganda flack (hired by Rupert Murdoch & Jabba the Ailes), and I cannot be bothered to check out the link. The title is a blaring meaningless LIE.

Conservatives have been so stupified by the incessant dumbing down of lies, meaningless trivia, and junk that it's just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Tell me there will be no talk from the doc about euthenasia (mercy killing eg. oxymoron). I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

You made a "case"?

Do you have any clue what end-of-life counseling entails?

gruaud said...

I just lost a friend to cancer a couple of days ago. I suppose the drugs that eased his suffering are oxymoronic, too.

Anyone who still believes this proven lie about death panels and government-enforced euthanasia is just ignorant and misinformed. It is obviously inflammatory, wildly irresponsible rhetoric designed to help maintain the insurance industry's death grip on health care.

And if someone wants euthanasia as an alternative to suffering needlessly, that's that person's business, not yours.

ferschitz said...

Aaannnddd... I rest my previously stated case. Cue the stupid, it burns.

Sorry to hear about your friend, gruaud. Been through that with a couple of friends of mine, and it's tough.

My parents - both extremely staunch conservatives & super fundamentalist Christians - both had very well-written end of life directives, which were followed by my siblings and I. None of us considered what my parents did as a "death panel," even though we chose to follow my mom's directive and did not pursue extreme measures (which possibly would have resulted in extending my mom's life) when she contracted pneumonia that resulted in her death. Pneumonia is called the "old person's friend" for a very good reason. It's a relatively quick and painless way to die.

Conservatives have mostly lost touch with reality; think that every measure possible should be taken to extend life indefinitely no matter what condition the person is in; yet in no way wish to pay any taxes in order to support such extreme medical care (which is super costly); and heaven forbid we have teh dreaded "socialist" single-payer system.

NUTS. Completely friggin nuts the lot of 'em.

katz said...

Here is a sentence. I rest my case.

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