Hope she gets a groping from TSA each time she flies.    R/  T.
Photoshop has a website that conducts weekly contests on a theme that they select. 
This week the theme was to build a picture that says "Goodbye to Nancy Pelosi". 
The winning entry follows for you to share with friends:
Since Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, she must give up her private jet. 
She'll be flying Southwest from now on because "Bags fly free"!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the idiocy just never stops with these people.

Speaker Pelosi flew commercial for decades while serving her district. She prefers to do so and never wanted to be flown on a separate jet, but did so for security reasons. I'm sure she'll be just fine as she continues to do good work for the people of her district.

And how fucking laughable that Palin is held up here as some paragon of virtue. The woman who quit her job halfway through the term to jaunt around the country in a private jet (just like a "real" American!). I'll take Pelosi and her service any day over the Quitta from Wasilla.

ferschitz said...

I have my own issues with Pelosi, but this *badly* done photoshop (I guess they have a contest for wingtardz to see who can do the worst photoshop... sadly there's probably a big contest for the booby prize) is a doozy in terms of ReTHUGlican hypocrisy on steroids.

Geez, do ya really wanna go there, tardz? Comparing the Grifter Queen of entitlement, who does nothing but spend her days flying around in private jets, charging her slavering minions load$$ to see her entitled @ss at some function or another, who QUIT her job to get paid giant buck$$$ by Roger Aisles to be a propoganda queen to someone like Pelosi, who, you know actually WORKS for a living.

Hey: disagree with Pelosi all you like. Fine. But Pelosi WORKS for a living and flew on a private jet because of security issues.

Palin? please. The Lazy DumbF*ck to come down the pike and play her Amy Semple McPherson schtick to fleece the rubes without lifting a finger. Sheesh.

Plus notice the imagery used in this photoshop. Wow. Racist much? Sexist much? I "get it" with having Pelosi wearing Indonesian garb, but I doubt that most of the tardz will. Double sheesh.

The propoganda just gets worse.

Anonymous said...

This image makes me wonder if Republicans realize Pelosi was re-elected this year and will most likely remain minority leader.

The worst part is that this image actually does come from a site that pays people for terrible conservative talking point Photoshops. They're clearly not getting their money's worth.

katz said...

I assume the contest was How Low Can Your Logo or something analogous?

Because I haven't seen such a bad photoshop since Iran's missile test.

CharlieE said...

Since "Photoshop" isn't an entity, I don't believe that "they" have a contest of any sort.

If Adobe, creators of Photoshop, actually had such contests, the winners would undoubtedly be images that represent some sort of demonstrated talent.

This one does not.

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