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Subject: Fw: Alan Jackson


Subject: FW: Alan Jackson
Subject: Fw: Alan Jackson
Good Evening to all from Chaplain Ernie & Monica Stroud - May God always Bless each of you.
Hope you enjoy Alan Jackson.  May have to play twice.  Once to listen and once to read.  Even if you aren ' t a country music fan I think you ' ll agree that Alan Jackson ' s rendition of this hymn is beautiful as is the slide show reminding us of the reason this country became the greatest nation in the history of mankind.. It also reminds us that if we don ' t return to God we will lose it all.  Just click on the blue underlined http:



Anonymous said...

Once again facts matter not
when you get these here forwards
from the rabid Jesus lot.
They will complain about greed
and yet continue to fall
for the same old Rich Men's Creed
of jingoism and dumb lies.
You'd think maybe they would learn?
But no, this nonsense still flies
'round them there interweb tubes
Teh stupid - it burns!

Valeyard said...

He gave us resources, with others to share

This is clearly some Commie propaganda! Weeping for OUR TROOPS won't trick me!

Anonymous said...

"the greatest nation in the history of mankind." Really, I'd love to see the reasons.

Anonymous said...

if we don ' t return to God we will lose it all

Which god?

Padre Mickey said...

I'm a priest and I really don't understand this weird melding of Bad Soteriology and Nationalism. It is very sick.

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