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Thx 4 Fish said...

Rightwingers seem to be of the opinion that the act of forwarding emails is a completely innocent activity devoid of personal responsibility for the sender, simply because someone else wrote the thing. For a group who like to carry on about personal responsibility they take absolutely none for themselves and their actions. Spreading racism and political lies is a hobby of theirs, and as long as someone else said it first its no blemish on THEMSELVES for believing it without question.

It is good to see someone being held accountable for this despicable behavior. Police Chiefs who are so over-the-top racist shouldn't exist. When taxpayers pay someone's salary that person needs to be responsible and capable of representing the entire community's needs.

Avant Gardener said...

Amen, Bebe.

Anoner said...

Thanks, Bebe. Agree with all you said. For the alleged party of "personal responsibility," these people never seem to take "responsibility" for almost anything that they do, themselves, or others in their party does. As long as it's an attack on the "other side" or simply "the other," it's all A-OK with them.

We witness all the nasty ugly racism here daily, yet rightwingers come here to chide us for calling them out on it, insisting all the while that they are not racist and that they're doing nothing wrong.

Hey: hold whatever political beliefs you want & vote for the person who you think will represent your interests the best. But take some responsibility for how you and other members of your party behave. If it's wrong, it's wrong. Stop trying to make it seem ok just because it's "your side" that's doing it.

If you dislike Obama, it *ought to be* because of his politics, not because of the color of skin. Too bad that's not the case. Look in the mirror & tidy up your act.

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