Fw: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words!

Subject: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words!

In God We Trust

Informed voters can help too!

“My Work Here Is Done!” - Barack  Obama


Anonymous said...


gruaud said...

Projecting the Smirking Fratboy again, are we?

Jesus, can you even imagine if McSame and the Twittering Quitter were in charge? The landscape in that p-shop would be one of the scenic overlooks.

ferschitz said...

Rightwing humor FAIL.

Dull, dumb, stupid. What does it refer to anyway?


katz said...

I really want to squirrelize this picture.

Anonymous said...

There's always a bit of real humor in every RW Propaganda piece...

"Informed voters can help too!"

Good luck being informed by photoshopped pictures, wingers

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