Fwd: 3 things about Islam

Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 10:06 AM
Subject: 3 things about Islam

Especially worth watching....I need to look further at this new development which I was not aware of and is frightening.

A group calling themselves "White Roses" created a video to inform non-Muslims about Islam.
The name of this video is Three Things About Islam.

 White Roses is headquartered in Sweden. This first version is in English.
The name "White Roses" is based on a student resistance group "Die weiße Rose" in Nazi Germany.
The group became known for an anonymous leaflet campaign, from June 1942 until February 1943, which
called for active opposition to Adolf Hitler's regime.

PLEASE view this video.   If you don’t, you’re going to really be surprised soon, and endangered.




Anonymous said...


So to summarize:
1. The Bible is right because it was written by lots of people, unlike the Quran.
2. Sharia law has a lot of commands similar to the Old Testament.
3. The old chestnut about Muslims being required to lie to outsiders.

...and Christians are never guilty of the same things. Nope.

Anonymous said...

A religious group that makes up 1% of the US population and with a grand total of two of their number in congress, yet they can make 20% of the country pee their pants in fear that we are on the brink of becoming an Islamic theocracy.
Booga-Booga. I'd say we're on the brink of becoming the stupidest country in the world.

Anonymous said...

How to kill Americans??? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/yemen/8058063/Al-Qaeda-magazine-published-tips-on-how-to-kill-Americans.html
You should be peeing in your pants.

Anonymous said...

If you think Islam is a peaceful religion, check out this website... http://thereligionofpeace.com/

Anonymous said...

Commands and laws are two different things. Minnesota is getting a taste of Sharia law. If you want to buy bacon or booze, you won't be able to under Sharia law in Minnesota. Wake up you stupid morons or you will be blind sided.

katz said...

Ye gods, we've picked up a troll again.

Dear troll:
If you want to actually communicate, don't call people stupid morons.

Cerebus said...

...and if you wanna buy booze on Sundays, have a no-fault divorce, or marry a person of another ethnicity... until recently you couldn't in many parts of the US.

That was life under Biblical law in many states. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

If you think Islam is a peaceful religion, check out this website... http://thereligionofpeace.com/

And if you think Jews are really nice people, you should go read Mein Kampf. That will set you straight.

Anonymous said...

You should be peeing in your pants.

So because someone somewhere might theoretically do me harm if possible (a microscopic statistical possibility) I should wig out and hid under my bed?

By this logic I should never leave the house since I could get hit by a meteorite or attacked by an escaped zoo lion.

Anonymous said...

If you want to buy bacon or booze, you won't be able to under Sharia law in Minnesota. Wake up you stupid morons or you will be blind sided.


You really think booze and bacon are gonna be taken away from Minnesotans? Get a fucking clue!

There was a case in MN where some muslim cashiers at Target didn't want to handle bacon. So they were reassigned. How the hell does that = SHARIA LAW!?!?!?!

Hey troll, there are pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control based on their asinine religious beliefs. Where is your condemnation of them imposing their will on the population?

gruaud said...

"You should be peeing in your pants."

If that sentence begged the question any harder, the question would hand it a 10 dollar bill.

katz said...

By "you should be peeing your pants" we mean "anyone who believes this stuff probably doesn't have control over his or her basic bodily functions."

ferschitz said...

Newt Gingrich (see next post) has been pumping out this idiotic Sharia Law crap for a while now. I heard about it from my fundy family, and I do have say, it's amazing how people can be seriously afraid of nonsensical b.s. like this. Yeah, yeah, in *some* Muslim communities, they don't sell ham or bacon. WOOOOO call out the National Guard!!! EEEEEK.

Hey: if you spend much time in the NE of this country, there happen to be a lot of Jewish folks there, and they have some of their own grocery stores & restaurants. And guess what the Jews don't sell in some of those establishments??? Ham and bacon!! EEEEEK ohmigawd call out the National Guard, Orthodox Jewish law is being *imposed* on me.

Typical crap to make braindead contards pee in their pants, get riled up over abso-effen-lutely nothing. And btw there's a lot of smiting and retribution going on the Bible, esp the Old Testament & Revelations. All this crap about the Holy Q'uran is specially written to kill specific idiots in the USA is fulla bulla.

But Xtiany types just LOVE to victimize themselves and play the onwards Xtian soldiers theme over and over in their heads. drrrrr

Anonymous said...

My chances of getting kidnapped by a Mexican drug gang are probably higher than getting killed by muslim extremists. I guess I need poop my pants as well. Of course, I may get hit by a bus today...crap I've run out of bodily fluids to issue. How about a nose bleed?

Anoner said...

I woke up today and realized that I could trip & fall as I got out of bed, and I might die from a blow to my head as it hits the floor. From this day forward, I plan to lay very very still in my bed because I might DIE 'n stuff if I get out of bed.

P.S. can someone bring me a bed pan so I can PEE in it?? I'm so scared, so very very afraid.

Hooray4US said...

What I don't get is that most Christians seem to be focused on the life "hereafter," and that their belief system entitles them to a free ticket to a "better place" that I often hear referred to as "home" or "my father's house."

So why, again, is it that Christians are so immensely afraid of some randonly possible death? I'm not advocating that anyone should look forward to or hasten their deaths. But it seems counterintuitive for a religious group who places so much value on their afterlife in heaven is so afraid to die. What's up with that??? Doesn't compute.

Snarla said...

Juan Cole wrote an excellent column comparing Sarah Palin to Muslim fundamentalists. Read it here at Salon: http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/feature/2008/09/09/palin_fundamentalist

Tootseye said...

Anyone who's read the currently popular novels by Swedish author, Stig Larsson, knows that he held (being now decesaed) the Swedish Nazi party in particular contempt. Also points out that currently there are Swedish skinhead Nazi groups, of whom Larsson also has nothing but contempt. Read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," or watch the movie for more info.

I'm not sure that I'd be quite so trusting of a so-called "White Rose" group from Sweden at this point. All very well to say that the former group opposed the Nazis, but who knows?

Swedish society is struggling a lot with issues over immigration and crime right now. What many view as an open, tolerant society is neither open, nor that tolerant.

So... it's likely that the White Roses are just the Swedish version of the T-party and probably just as racist and ignorant as our USA variety. Stands to reason: why else would David Koch's PR person be writing about them and sending them out to ultra-nationalistic t-partiers?? I've also noticed throughout this blog that when rightwing thinktanks venerate some foreign person or group, they are, without fail, racists to the core.

Anonymous said...

Commands and laws are two different things.

So you're saying the rules God gave the Israelites are not Jewish law? I think Jews might disagree!

Minnesota is getting a taste of Sharia law.

Really? Please show me this no-bacon law.

Simon said...

I was told by a wingnut that absolutely for certain no question undoubtedly Detroit was now (and forevermore I guess) being "run by Sharia law." Supposedly there is "proof" of this, but said wingnut couldn't really tell me where or how to locate this "proof," nor could the wingnut elaborate on exactly what it meant to say that "Detroit is run by Sharia law."

I guess wingnuts like being scared and peeing in their pants. Makes no sense to me. Show me what you mean; provide actual real verifiable data; YouTubes, what have you, and then I might listen.

But no, all we get is junk like this: woooo, scary!!! Sharia Law!!!!! Comin' ta git ya!!!111!!

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