Fw: President Obama censors 'Creator' from Declaration again

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President Obama censors 'Creator' from Declaration again
For the third time in just over one month, President Obama has refused to include any mention of the "Creator" in his recitation of the Declaration of Independence.
The Founders believed that "all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."
Repeatedly now the president has simply said Americans are endowed with certain rights, but persistently refuses to acknowledge with the Founders that these rights are a gift from God.
He stripped God from our founding document on September 15 (video here) when speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. He did it again on September 23 at a fundraiser in New York City. And he did it yet a third time on Monday night at in Rockville, Md. when speaking to Democratic Senate candidate donors.
This can no longer by any stretch of the imagination be considered unintentional or accidental. President Obama is deliberately stripping our Christian heritage from us right before our very eyes.
If our rights do not come to us from God, they come to us from government. And what government gives, government can take away. President Obama has taken a long stride on the path that leads to tyranny and ruin.
If you would like to contact President Obama and urge him to put the Creator back where he belongs - in the Declaration of Independence and in the public life of America - the phone number to the White House is 202-456-1111.
Don't forget that we have an election of historic importance coming up in just two weeks. AFA Action has prepared a scorecard that includes the vote of your representative and your two senators on ObamaCare. You can view the scorecard for your state here.
Please forward this Scorecard to your family members and friends. You can readily print or share the Scorecard on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, Messenger, etc.

Donald E. Wildmon
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Anonymous said...

ZOMG!!!! The President paraphrased something in a speech in which he talks about our shared values! This is the end of the fucking world people!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson made it very clear that we are all evangelical christians here in America when he "wrote" (never mind the plagiarism) that line! I bet this fraud Obama has never even read the Jefferson bible either. The one which makes Jefferson's views on the subject so very clear.

ferschitz said...


Jest so's ya can read up on this Wildmon crank, who I notice asks for MONEY at the end of his little braindead, but reliably attractive to T-tardz, propoganda.

For the record, amongst many other "egregious" things in society, Wildmon advocated for censoring shows like the "Wonder Years" and "Jerry Seinfeld."

These Brown Shirts really want to censor, control and totally dominate their serfs, so that there's way anyone can *think* at all for themselves.

Read George Orwell's 1984, and you can picture some creep like Wildmon being higher up in the bureaucracy that pump out those "Big Brother is Watching You" continuous 24/7 media stuff.

Phew... I think I smell some sulferous fumes eminating from this one...

CharlieE said...

President Obama is deliberately stripping our Christian heritage from us right before our very eyes.

How weak Donald Wildmon's faith must be if President Obama can strip it from him by making a speech.

gruaud said...

Reminder: Donald Wildmon is the guy who shit his pants over an episode of Mighty Mouse.

Daft Greg said...

Woohoo! Both of my senators and my rep have a 0% from the American Fascist Association.

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