Fw: New Obamacare regulations

Remember Pelosi’s statement: 'We have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill'


CharlieE said...

Of course, she never actually said that.


ferschitz said...

Why tell the truth when ginned up lying propoganda paid for by billionaire Oligarch David Koch, who pays big bucks to astroturf the 'baggers, will reliably get T-tardz's knickers in a knot?

As we all well know, T-tardz sure as heck ain't gonna do one bit of fact checking, which is just for pussy LIEbrulz 'n stuff.

Anonymous said...

I thought conservatives opposed any kind of government medical assistance because it would drive up demand, and therefore, prices.

Of course, we COULD address skyrocketing prices, but that would hurt drug companies, so let's not bother.

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