FW: Now This Is Good!!!!

Subject: Now This Is Good!!!!

Amazing how something with no vulgarity can be one of the most insulting and impactful messages to Barack Obama that I have seen to date! ~ I love it!!

  Dear Mr. Obama,

   Thank you for not going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. There
   is something very sacred about that place and about that day.
   Those who bled and died for this country deserve to be honored and saluted by
   people who love their country and honor their sacrifice.

   You don't belong there.

   Thank you for realizing that and going to Chicago.

   Craig P. Jacobi, Col, USA, (Ret)
   McLean, VA


Anonymous said...

An Army Col blatantly disrespecting the office of President and Commander in Chief? For shame.

Obama's been to Arlington multiple times. And over Memorial Day he went to a military cemetery in Chicago in order to honor the fallen. Believe it or not, there are veterans buried all over our great land.

gruaud said...

What do you want to bet Jacobi
was a REMF who didn't come within
a hundred miles of any battlefield?

Anonymous said...

When hateful messages attacking the president makes a person feel all warm and happy inside, maybe the problem isn't the president...

ferschitz said...

Slow news day?? This is ancient.


Let's set the record straight: IOKIYAR rules, per usual.

Sainted Zombie Reagan didn't go to Arlington on at least one Mem Day, and neither did Bush I (who was vacationing in Kennebunkport) or Bush II (who was on vacay in TX).

Load of lying crap. Biden went to Arlington (much as Quayle did when Bush I didn't go & Cheney did when Bush II didn't go, and Republics were just fine with that), and Obama went to a cemetary in Chicago.

Jingoistic propoganda lies.

Marc with a C said...

Obama could be gunned down by some Teabagging nut tomorrow and the wingers would be putting out forwards like this, claiming he didn't deserve to be buried there.

You know, like Kennedy.

Hooray4US said...

This one begins with the obligatory instruction to the braindead minions to realize "Now this is good!" I guess if the dittoheads weren't told how to respond to this piece of "nooz," they wouldn't know how to react.

Tootseye said...

Again with righties dissing the Commander in Chief. More conservative hypocrisy on steroids. When a Republic was Pres, contards shrieked and scolded that dissing the CiC during wartime was tantamount to treason and was giving "aid and comfort to the enemy."

But now that we have a Democratic Pres, it's ok to lie and diss the Pres? So tired of the lies and the outrageous double standards.

katz said...

There is a problem when someone talks about "the most insulting thing I ever read" like it's a good thing.

OK, I was amused by "What's the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and her vagina?", but that was more of a guilty pleasure.

Anoner said...

Yeeks, katz! Now I need brain bleach! lalalalalala...don't wanna think about that!

Anonymous said...

You'd think the news of the Vice President attending this most sacred event while Obama's speech in Chicago got rained out would fill Republicans with glee, but apparently not.

katz said...

The answer is "Only 20% of what comes out of her vagina is retarded," by the way.

FreeRepublik said...

Yep. Because if they've convinced themselves that Obama is not a real part of the real America, the logical implication is that Chicago is not a part of America.

Anonymous said...

When Ronald Reagan was president, Democrats attacked him mercilessly. He was "a third rate actor." He was "stupid." Reagan was "going to start World War III. Under Reagan, "the rich got richer and the poor got poorer."

All that changed when Bubba was elected. Instead of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer," Democrats lavished Clinton with "the economy's in good shape!"
Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick? Noo, she's a "liar." Used a White House intern barely older than his own daughter? "So what. Who cares. Consenting adults."

Bush was of course "stupid" but Obama is "brilliant" to hear Democrats spin.

The hypocrisy of Democrats is contemptible. They are forcing their welfare state, their socialism, their abortion and homosexual agenda down our throats and America is bankrupt, financially and morally.

gruaud said...

When Reagan was president, he deserved to be attacked mercilessly. His list of failures and corruption is legion.

The rich did get richer and the poor, poorer. The flow of money from the lower classes to the 1% was an inflection point predicting todays' insane levels -- levels not seen since the Gilded Age. Reaganomics has been exposed for the snake oil that it really is.

Iran/Contra was treason. If you can shine the shit off that pig, I'd like to see it.

The national debt TRIPLED under Reagan

Numerous recessions and double-digit unemployment

One of the most corrupt administrations in US history, with 31 convictions (including the Department of Housing and Urban Development scandal.

138 Reagan appointees were either indicted or resigned in shame

Made secret (read: unconstitutional) plans for a government coup in case of emergency - no definition of what defined said emergency

Reagan's fiscal policies led to the Savings and Loan debacle

Under Reagan, the number of families falling below poverty level rose 33%

The needless exposure of marines in Lebanon

Cut Medicaid, food stamps, aid to families w/ dependant children and school lunch programs

Fired 13,000 air traffic controllers and what is now understood as an attack prompted by his corporate masters as an assault on unions and labor

Blessed the Taliban as like our founding fathers

Propped up a host of savage, RW dictatorships in Central and South America

Wasted billions of tax dollars for the so-called Star Wars initiative

...and that's just Reagan. Everyone here has more than enough ammo to blow up the rest of your comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow! ... what a bunch of cool-aid comments from fantasy land followers ... how deep do you want the arrogant ba-wacko Obama (who has no ethics or integrity) to dig the hole this country is in. His eight year vacation is astronomical. The future generations won't have much of a life trying to keep their heads above water, which includes the fantasy land followers ... Obama followers, thanks for making our lives miserable, you don't realize it, but yours is too, WAKE UP!

gruaud said...

Well, anon, everything in your comment was blustery opinion and everything in mine were easily researched facts.

See the difference?

DB said...

Produced an anemic recovery.
Created a large pool of unemployed.
Vastly expanded the disability rolls.
Created a food stamp nation.
Massively increased regulations.
Hammered the middle class.
Created business uncertainty.
Not lived up to the promises of transparency.
Increased the debt by 50%.
Pushed ObamaCare. This is the most costly legislation ever, and surely one of the least popular, with over half of Americans saying they don't like it. It will cost as much as $1.5 trillion over the next decade, while imposing new taxes on business and robbing $714 billion from Medicare to pay for it all.
Driven up health care premiums.
Left minorities worse off.
Doubled down on the housing debacle.
Fannie and Freddie are still unreformed and unprivatized.
Exploded spending and the deficit.
50% of those who have graduated college either can't find a job or are working in one that doesn't require a degree — a waste of a generation's skills, talent and training unmatched since the Great Depression.
Showed a lack of interest in his job. The commander in chief attended fewer than half of his national security briefings, failed to attend any of his jobs council meetings since 2010 and ignored his own bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission's recommendations on the budget. But he played more rounds of golf, had more date nights and spent more on White House dinners than any president in history.
Killed the Keystone XL pipeline. If
Obama has spent $86 billion on green stimulus, with nothing other than 50 bankrupt green companies to show for it — including Solyndra, First Solar and Ener1. He has also subsidized production of unsafe electric cars like the Chevy Volt, which few can afford or want to buy, and the Fisker Karma, a car built in Finland by Finnish auto workers.
Waged a war on coal.
His EPA's regulatory bludgeon will kill an estimated 1.4 million jobs by 2020 and lead to a 23% jump in electric rates in states dependent on coal-fired plants due to EPA rules, fulfilling a 2008 campaign pledge to make electricity prices "necessarily skyrocket."
Limited oil and gas exploration.
Doubled gasoline prices by restricting supply.
Restricted drilling permits.
Opposed fracking and other new technologies.
Gutted our defense budget.
Scrapped or cut badly needed weapons systems.
Given away missile defense to appease Russia.
Downsized the military.
Mishandled the "Arab Spring."
Ignored the rise of China.
Weakened ties with Israel.
Worst of all, Iran now has enough uranium to make five nuclear bombs, and will soon do so. Yet, President Obama has repeatedly snubbed Israel and its leaders, and refuses to draw "red lines" for Iran's misbehavior.
Shrunk our nuclear arsenal.
Surrendered U.S. sovereignty.
Fumbled the pullout from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Two-thirds of U.S. deaths in Afghanistan have occurred since President Obama's surge.
More seriously, America's enemies pay little heed to the U.S. as it calls for nations such as Iran to heed its nuclear treaty obligations and Iran thumbs its nose at U.S. threats of sanctions. Venezuela, Cuba and Iran have all taken American hostages with little fear of retribution.
Appointed unaccountable "czars." At one point, the president had 31 czars
Done nothing about Fast and Furious gunrunning.
Politicized the Justice Department. Obama turned the Justice Department into a political creature, with Exhibit A being DOJ's failure to pursue voter intimidation recorded on film by Philadelphia's Black Panthers.
Scrapped our space program.
Not defended Americans abroad.
Mainstreamed the radical Muslim agenda. While the White House has rolled out the red carpet for Muslim Brotherhood leaders — despite their recently revealed goal of "destroying" America "from within" — the Justice Department has defended legal cases involving Sharia doctrine.
Pushed stimulus and TARP.

DB said...

Not enough space for everything about Obama's failed Presidency so I highlighted just a few in the above post. You want to use facts to prove your case,, the above are facts about Obama! No matter what side of the isle you stand on, I think we can all agree, it's time to Strengthen this Great Nation!

Anonymous said...

DB, we could build a bridge to whatever "isle" you want to visit with the pages of text needed to point out everything stupid about your post, but let's just pick one:

Doubled gasoline prices by restricting supply
Oil production was up 10 percent under the first three years of Obama, while it fell during Bush's second term.

The only conceivable way you could imagine gas prices doubled is if you forgot that they fell to $1.80 at the start of the recession under Bush, then returned to normal. Don't you remember the gas protests?

DB said...

So you think Obama is the greatest Pres ever,, keep drinking the cool aid, he needs idiots like you.

Anonymous said...

Increased the debt by 50%.


Gutted our defense budget.


Surrendered U.S. sovereignty.


You know what, I think I might save a lot of time by just marking the whole post "false".

Some stuff is demonstrably false, like the things mentioned above. The math simply doesn't add up in your assertions. Others are false in the "what the fuck are you taking about" kind of way. Like this one:

Ignored the rise of China.

Seriously... the fuck? How has he "ignored" something which has been going on for decades, and what exactly was he supposed to do about it? You might as well blame him for solar flares by saying he "ignored the sun".

Anonymous said...

So you think Obama is the greatest Pres ever,

I don't see where anyone made that claim. I do know that he's a fuck of a lot better than W was or Romney would have been and still a better choice than pretty much any modern Republican, living or dead.

Anonymous said...

So you think Obama is the greatest Pres ever

Protip: You can disagree with someone without making up completely ridiculous lies about them. There are plenty of good reasons to be dissatisfied with Obama without pulling out political spinster chestnuts like "a 23% increase in electric rates by 2020".

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