FWD: Does this make you think?

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Subject: Does this make you think?


Thx 4 Fish said...

If by thinking you mean...those criminal banksters, financial sharks and corporate oligarchs are so lucky to have these defenseless people to blame all the country's problems on. In another time we'd say these people who leave homes and families behind in order to work hard and make better lives for themselves really embody the American spirit. Ya, I think of that every day.

Anonymous said...

Your driver's license is not valid proof of citizenship, and you are not required to show your passport/birth certificate at Walmart.

I know it's hard to understand basic legal concepts, but at least try.

ferschitz said...

"Does this make you think"

No, it proves you're stupid.

Anoner said...

Does this make you think?

Yes, it makes me think that you're all racist bigoted idiots.

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