Fw: Defining Moments

Subject: Defining Moments


gruaud said...

Notice that two left-of-center Democratic
presidents are quoted here in addition to
the actor.

That's not by accident; Branco is playing
'one of these things is not like the others'.
And uses an out of context quote to
somehow demonstrate this.

And, in reality, while Obama's actions
don't always match his lofty rhetoric, it
IS lofty and the man is eminently quotable.

Must be something else, but I can't quite
put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Where are Reagan's teleprompters?

Don't pretend like he didn't use them, he was the master of the prompter.

Anonymous said...

So Obama gets Chavez' thumbs up, but not a peep from the Contras for Reagan?

ferschitz said...

Get it that the cartoonist is doing the "odd man out" dealie with Sainted Raygun, but still interesting that he's including some rather well-respected quotes from FDR & JFK, whom the righties profess to hate with a passion.

And yes: where's the thumbs up from Iran-Contras for Reagan?? Also from the Cripps & Bloods for that matter?

Anoner said...

Don't really "get" having Chavez there giving BHO the thumbs up, but then again, I'm usually at a loss over what passes for most rightwing "humor."

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