Fw: I Knew it: Suspicions Confirmed

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Subject: Fw: I Knew it: Suspicions Confirmed

Subject: Fw: I Knew it: Suspicions Confirmed


Anonymous said...

Um... what?

What suspicions? That Michelle is the one really in charge? That she's some kind of evil cold hearted power hungry witch? What am I missing here?

Where were these people when Cheney was pulling Bush's strings?

Anonymous said...


How about...
Barack: Our economy could really use more stimulus dollars.
Michelle: No problem honey, I've got another vacation coming up.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Given that her vacations are paid for with the Obama's own money, which they earned as lawyers and from Barack's book royalties, I'm all for it. Spend away sister, there are plenty of local economies which need tourist dollars.

The Prime Minister of Italy is actually proposing that "vacation vouchers" be given out, in order to pump up the tourist economies.

gruaud said...

Yeah, I don't get the negativity.

You spend money on vacations, thereby
enlivening local businesses.

If that ain't economic stimulus, what is?

The whole 'fiddling while Rome burns'
motif is more apt for....well, think about
it. It's really, really obvious.

Sure, the economy is in horrific shape.
We're all kinda scared and upset.

But don't blame the barn-door-closer.
Blame the assholes who opened it (and
fired their guns in the air, to boot) in the
first place.

katz said...

Those are...some really clumsy word bubbles.

You're supposed to point the little triangle at the mouth. You know, the thing you talk with.

Anonymous said...

No, you see, they left out the right half of the image where Bo is delivering instructions from his alien-canine overlords. I knew it!

ferschitz said...

I'll give it this much: the photo, itself, is kinda amusing. But of course, it captures BHO & Michelle with weird facial expressions.

Other than that, I'm *guessing* that they're not so much saying that Michelle is "pulling the strings" or "running things." I'm *guessing* that they're trying to portray Michelle as "out to get hers" as First Lady. Or some nonsense like that. As if Michelle is somehow *different* from ReThug first ladies. Oh yeah - face to palm - I forgot!!! Michelle Obama IS different, isn't she??? She's BLACK!!!!!!!! Egad.

P.S. Repeat after me: conservatives aren't racist... much.

Hooray4US said...

So I wonder if our rightwing "friend" got all upset when Laura Bush took her twin adult daughters on Safari in Africa... at taxpayer expense (as opposed to Mrs. Obama, who paid for the trip, herself, except for the security detail)???


Oh yeah: I forgot. Silly me. Laura Bush is both white and a Republican. So it's all ok if you're a white Republican.

Got it.

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