Fw: Something in the Gulf Smells and it's not the Deepwater Horizon Blowout

A friend, who is visiting relatives up in Kansas, just sent this one to me.  He asked if “this is another Pearl Harbor , but without a shot being fired”.  A very legitimate question, if you ask me.  On his FOX show, Glenn Beck has talked about most of this.
What a mess we find our self in?
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Hey!  Is this another Pearl Harbor but without a shot being fired?  There is too much, too fast, happening to suit me----and we are virtually paralyzed.  It looks as if the only way out is to actually have a civil war.  This is really getting scary to me.   What do you think?
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It's the  quietest disaster coming from the press then ever seen before,  usually they are standing out on a disaster talking about it  every few seconds...what's going  on?
Something  in the Gulf Smells and it’s not the Deepwater  Horizon Blowout

This is not just my opinion... These are all verifiable facts...  Question is, "Why isn't our esteemed  press investigating and making this page one news  and leading every broadcast... why aren't they  interrupting regularly scheduled prime time shows  with "Dateline" type broadcasts!?!?!".   For that matter, why isn't our justice department doing anything either!?!?!
1.   Four weeks before the BP blowout, Obama builds an alibi...  "I am opening offshore drilling in all the Coastal U.S."  Goldman Sachs dumps nearly all of its stock (40 %+) in BP, a very profitable winner. Days before, they dump the rest.

2. BP ignores the advice of all the drilling contractors on making the well safe.  British Petroleum had a manager directing drilling  who had never been on an offshore rig before and  purposefully ignored all safety warnings.  BP ignores TransOceanic warnings about a problem with  the blowout preventer.  BP ignores repeated warnings on numerous problems from numerous sub-contractors.

3. The well explodes under suspicious circumstances, but BP does nothing immediately to control it.  Why? And the Dutch offer to have it controlled in 48 hours. They are ignored.

4. Obama sacks his National Intelligence Director (a Navy Admiral) who cannot comment on intelligence or the reasons he was sacked because of Federal Laws.

5. BP top-kills the well but fails as was predicted by numerous oil professionals causing downhole damage to the well which has caused a massive pollution of the southern U.S. The way they bungled everything, the Gulf may be dead for decades!

6. Obama now declares ALL drilling suspended in the Gulf and makes numerous PR trips to the Gulf to look as though he  is outraged.

7. John Podesta is Obama's man that built his cabinet and all his Czars.

8.  John Podesta is also head of George Soros' Center for American Progress (a socialist organization dedicated to killing capitalism in America and building, according to Soros, "A New World Order").  John Podesta's brother is the lead lobbyist for British Petroleum, whose services are now in huge demand.

9. Soros was a major contributor to Obama’s campaign.

10. Soros invested $900 million in Petrobras, the Brazilian government controlled oil company that plans on drilling offshore in Brazil , yet cannot get the deepwater rigs operating in the Gulf.

11. Days after Soros’ investment, Obama grants $2 billion of U.S.  Taxpayer’s dollars to Petrobras to drill offshore in Brazil ... the company nets over $15 Billion annually.

12. U.S. drilling companies must do something with their now idled rigs and are planning on moving them off to South America… to Petrobras which will supply the oil to the U.S. as an  import.

13. Obama gives a patsy White House Oval Office speech on the disaster but, also during the speech, he states the need for Carbon Taxes...  Cap and Trade!

14. The carbon tax exchange  will be based in, you guessed it, Chicago ... and  called the CCX...The CHICAGO Climate  Exchange

15. The Joyce Foundation -- A private U.S. foundation which provides funding and support to initiatives focusing on education, environment and employment in the Great Lakes region. The Joyce Foundation was established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago . Since its inception, the foundation has made grants of more than $600 million. Some of those grants include $1.1 million to Richard Sandor in 2000-2001 to create the Chicago Climate Exchange. Former Board of Directors’ members include President Barack Obama (1994-2002) and Valerie Jarrett, his top adviser.

16. Who will benefit from the Chicago Climate Exchange? You guessed it...  Obama and his buddies, Goldman Sachs and the Chicago crew.
17.  Who will benefit from Obama's shutdown of drilling in the Gulf? You guessed it... Obama and his buddy, George Soros.
  18.  Who benefits from Obama sending $2 Billion of taxpayer dollars to a company that Nets $15 Billion per year? You guessed it...Obama and his buddies.

19. Who is Obama getting to again?  You guessed it...  The American Citizens.

20. Barack Hussein Obama is intent on the total destruction of America . He does nothing to stop the Illegal invasion from Mexico, he does nothing to fix the banking problem, he does nothing to stop the blowout, he DOES NOTHING to stop the downfall of America while he plays golf, travels to Ohio for 10 minute speeches at a cost of $750,000, listens to Paul McCartney concerts, and goes to baseball games in NY. What do you expect from someone that never produced his birth certificate, has gone around the world apologizing for America ’s past actions, and bowing to the head of the Muslim World?
Yes, something down right stinks!!!


gruaud said...

"It looks as if the only way out
is to actually have a civil war."


ferschitz said...

Again with the George Soros! I'm not even sure if BHO has much to do with him, plus from these over-the-top rants, one would think that Soros has more money than anyone other ten people combined, which Soros doesn't.

Never forget that this comes from the same crowd who was quite complacent about how Bush handled Katrina. This is just more tirading rhetoric from some rightwing thinktank to get the "small" conservatives upset with how BHO handled Deepwater Horizon.

Per usual, I have my own issues with how it was handled, but hyperventilating crap like this is b.s. These people coulda given a stuff about how Bush handled Katrina, but now suddenly they're vitally upset about the Gulf???

Pull the other one.

Zeno said...

Obama now declares ALL drilling suspended in the Gulf and makes numerous PR trips to the Gulf to look as though he is outraged.

Oops! Someone is off message here. You're supposed to say that the president ignored the Gulf disaster and never went there. (I suggest you claim he went golfing instead.) Acknowledging Obama's visits to the Gulf contradicts the right-wing narrative. (Good thing most of the mainstream media won't notice this inadvertent admission of the truth!)

katz said...

Glenn Beck writes about this stuff because he is a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist. Never forget that. Seriously, I couldn't follow this convoluted chain of nonsense; could you?

Anonymous said...

That reminds me, I need to look into investing in tinfoil. Futures seem bright.

Anonymous said...

I get it now. It was Professor Plum, in the Conservatory, with the Candlestick! What do I win?

Marc with a C said...

I get it! George W. Bush invaded the middle east specifically BECAUSE he knew that that would make us wildly unpopular abroad and would bankrupt us. That way, when a democrat got elected, he would inherit a massive recession, a broken military, and lingering foreign resentment, energizing an already-seething conservative public and using that rage to channel hatred into victory at the polls.

Oh, wait. George Bush is a moron.

CharlieE said...

"Oh, wait. George Bush is a moron."

@Marc with a C:

That's why we know that 9/11 wasn't a government-run inside job.

It was successful.

Anoner said...

"Barack Hussein Obama is intent on the total destruction of America."

Running in circles, flapping & twirling: ohmigawd, ohmigawd, ohmigaaaaaawwwdddd!!!!

Hooray4US said...

"The Joyce Foundation -- A private U.S. foundation which provides funding and support to initiatives focusing on education, environment and employment in the Great Lakes region."

Why the very idea!! As conservatives, we simply will not tolerate decidedly communist foundations educating citizens and helping them to get jobs, while protecting the environment. How horrid is that??

Tootseye said...

Blah blah blah George Soros!!! blah blah Muslim!! blah birf certefekat!! blah blah

lather, rinse, repeat

booga booga

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