Fw: Watch trailer to new film coming out this fall

Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 9:55 AM
Subject: Watch trailer to new film coming out this fall


Anonymous said...

Hysterical! A movie where Saint Ronnie is the voice of fiscal responsibility! Maybe we need to make another movie, which explains to wingnuts using small words and pictures how Reagan exploded the national debt like no other president in history, while at the same time signing multiple tax hikes that fell on the middle and lower classes. That Ronnie, he really wants your money!

ferschitz said...

My family all worshipped Saint Ronnie and still do. They kept lecturing me about how Reagan was "da man" because he lowered MY taxes! When I showed them copies of my paychecks, which clearly indicated that my taxes had increased, my family went: lalalalalala can't hear you! can't see that!

I knew, back then, that this country was in really big trouble. The inability to face reality and accept fictional fairy tales was already pretty deeply embedded, and that was before Rush Limbaugh got started.

gruaud said...

The key to this mess isn't throwing money
at the banks and other fatcat financial
institutions. And it isn't being a so-called
deficit hawk (yeah, NOW Republicans are
worried about the deficit. Assholes).

It's attacking unemployment.

With consumer spending dropping like a
stone, businesses are going to lay people
off—not hire them. I don't fault them for
that...you do what must to survive. And
you can't blame us consumers for not
spending in bad times.

The only way out of this, if we don't
want to wait 10-15 years for the
Invisible Hand to save us, is for the
government to spend -- create programs
that need workers, pay unemployment
insurance, and give tax breaks to people
who will spend (not the obscenely rich --
Trickle-down Economics already proved
that won't happen).

As for the banks...fuck 'em. The
government should take the bad ones
over, clean out the stable, and sell back
to the private sector when ready.

Thx 4 Fish said...

When the recession began and people were getting laid off from jobs in every country, Germany decided to takle to problem differently. They paid employers to keep people on the payroll who would otherwise have been laid off. It worked, Germany's economy is one of the few doing vey well two years later.

Right Wingers love their economic theories because they sound so good to them, but what is needed are real world examples of what works and what doesn't. I don't see any examples of their policies working, they have a multitude of excuses about why they didn't work-but they all boil down to some glitch or other that mucked up the whole thing. And I can see where they are coming from. If your economic policy is a house of cards, then on glitch in the structure will make the whole thing a pile of crap.

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