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By: John Popovich
Before I came to Cincinnati, I was a news reporter at WOC in Davenport Iowa. I covered a lot of city council and a lot of political stuff.
One of the guys I covered was Ed Mezvinsky, who was the Congressman from Iowa's first district.
Seemed like a pretty nice guy, but when he ditched his wife for a New York reporter, the Iowa voters ditched him.
My most vivid memory is that he sat on the House Judiciary Committee that was deciding the fate of President Nixon.
Anyway, years later, "Fast Eddie" got caught with his hand in the till.
He cheated investors out of more than $10 million dollars. He went to prison for several years.
This past weekend, his son married Chelsea Clinton.


gruaud said...

Chelsea Clinton...oh, you mean
the daughter of the guy who presided over eight years of
peace and prosperity for the US?

Remember what that was like?

CharlieE said...

Are the children of convicted felons not permitted to marry in the imaginary Right Wing world?

Anonymous said...

And the descendants of Prescott "Trading With the Enemy" Bush should be suspect too, right?


Anonymous said...

If law was based on "guilt by association", we would all be in jail.

ferschitz said...

And so... what's the damn point?? Fail to see one.

Hooray4US said...

Ken Lay, Enron CEO & bff of GW Bush, was indicted by the Houston Grand Jury before he conveniently "died." Lay has 2 kids & 3 stepchildren, so I guess they should never get married to anyone ever.

Amirite? Ooops, too late, most of them are married with kids. My mistake: IOKIYAR.

I'd suggest keeping a scorecard, but it appears that righties are doing that already.

gruaud said...

I, too, am skeptical that
Ken Lay "died". Far too

Pretty sure he had plastic
surgery and was whisked away
to his tropical hidey-hole.

And so it goes.

Hooray4US said...

Yes, gruaud, I never thought Ken Lay died. Have no proof, but it was all too convenient, and eff the Enron workers who got stiffed on their retirement benefits. But hey, those same Enron workers are probably Tea Baggers, so I guess they enjoy being screwed by gazillionaires.

Anoner said...

Isn't anyone who's wealthy de facto a crook? Agree with ferschiz: don't see the point.

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