Fwd: PELOSI the CUNT....ha ha ha

Fwd: Pelosi the cunt....ha ha ha


CharlieE said...

Don't get it. Democrats in the House have pulled the majority of the votes over the last four elections, but have far fewer seats than the votes would suggest.

It's not Pelosi or Democratic policies. It's Republican gerrymandering.

Of course, Sack is a Right Wing hack, so we do have to take that into consideration.

ferschitz said...

What I don't get are Republican women who appear to enjoy nasty sexism thrown in their faces endlessly. Pussy grabber, c*nt. Don't they get it that it means this how THEY are viewed by conservative men?

Not a huge fan of Pelosi, myself, and I actually do agree that she, and Schumer, are just more of the same old, same old. And in that sense, loath as I am to admit it, I kind of agree with content (but not the delivery) of this message.

OTOH, shouldn't that make conservatives happy? Face to palm: my mistake. Republicans are never ever happy. Only miserable, afraid, angry, hateful, bitter victims.

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's so easy to rile up the Rs against women in politics. Call them shrill, deceitful and c-words, and your propaganda work is done. I expect we will see that Pelosi is enemy number one over the next two years, while Schumer will only be enemy number two.

Hooray4US said...

Pelosi's gotta do the heavy lifting to be feminazi enemy numero uno bc the dreaded horrible shrill Benghaziiiii witch, Clinton, is out of the picture.

Meet the new target for unbridled nasty-assed skanky sexism on steriods. IOW, yet another day ending in "y" in conservaworld.

Mike Hawk said...


Your comment indeed made me happy.

"Me" thinks your Realisotin prescription medication is doing wonders for you in the new year.

Now, if we can only get your psychiatrist to double the dose.

Mike Hawk

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